Petite Blonde

I spent 2 days & nights with her in a room years ago, fun talkative, super deal due to circumstances. Always wanted to see again so I finally contacted her.

Texts were quickly answered, but i canceled one or two times (my schedule changed) and she was cool, didn't freak out or call me things, the third time I contacted her was prime time 8pm Saturday night and I didn't think she'd respond, let alone be available. To my surprise, again, she replied asking some feeler, light screen, I dont like texting and as it was Sat, I chose to call her, she answered and I spoke to confirm we met before, and she''d remember me on sight. We agreed to meet about 45 minutes later at her place. I was delayed, always punctual or communicative of...I was about to dial as she called me, she let me know she was changing Hotels and unless I wanted to wait, I should find another, which worked for me as I needed more time.

About two hours later, I arrived at her new place about five minutes after she got there herself ( we had texted effectively since last call) . She was on the floor surrounded by suitcases begining to sort looking for necessities, she had left the last place in a rush, not expecting to do so.... she was also cooling off as she had lugged all this stuff up from the parking lot. We spoke a while as she tried to hurry, I said as long as you are not going to rush me, take your time and find the important..... she relaxed considerably at this, and was appreciative and said she would show it! That was very nice. So for about an hour, she got things organized a bit and we spoke of then and now. By then she was comfortable with the state of her things and sat next to me as I had been on the bed since entering. My shoes were off, she was in very little, just comfortable for what she had been doing, She wanted to get an out fit out for me but I said it was unnecessary as I preferred no clothes at all. I'm glad she followed that.
Towards the end of her sorting we again discussed what I wanted and I my offer which she happily accepted, it was lower than her normal but for certain reasons including the two hours I waited for her & the hour plus I waited for her to sort (which was a pleasure) I got a good rate and not as a cheap skate.
So once she sat next to me, practically on me, I put the flowers next to her which she placed on a night stand, we caressed a bit then she moved to bj which I suddenly recalled her style - a bit different from the rest, Shes petite, but she had gained quite a bit of weight and was chunkier than I would prefer, but, not fat or disgusting, well

I allowed myself to be lost in pleasure as she did her best to send me there with a smile when I could see her face. Eventually I let her know it was time to be in her, she was into her fun and didnt want to give it back, but she did, and layed back for my request - mish. She was clean -she had showered just before leaving the last place, as she guided me in JOY!!! and she barely fit me in, It was an awesome time, she gave her self to me and gave a porn movie performance (whether real or acting - I dont care because it was intense) making me feel as manly and good as you can in sex with a new partner. Then we laided together a bit before she wanted to shower, to which she invited me, but I figured I'd just dress and go, so I declined, but she wanted me to stay, I did. We talked another 20 minutes then I felt.... I told her Id do her a nice review on LC which I did that night, that is the site I found her on. Now I just saw her here so Im adding essentially the same review here but with more detail.
As I said, we spent 48 hours together in a room years ago, had fun, this tiime the circumstances were right for me to spend a lot of time for a lower rate than her normal. I know she doesnt usually "hang out" like that as time is money for these ladies. YMMV she is legit and cool, down to earth.

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