I returned to Absolute Angels Bangkok this weekend to meet Nana again!

I left my last booking and couldn't stop fantasizing about the experience I had, her body was so sexy and she was so naughty I just had to go back for more...

I called Absolute Angels Bangkok and asked to book Nana and told the receptionist about how great my last experience was and that I wanted to try an oil massage; they replied gratefully and got the evening booked for me.

I had arranged to meet Nana at my hotel. She arrived and remembered me straight away, she seemed happy to see me which was wonderful. When she came in I spoke to her a bit about the last booking we had, things I enjoyed and things that I wanted to try this time round. I heard that she provided oil massage and I was desperate to try it, especially from her...

Nana had brought all of her massage oils with her and she asked me to get naked and lye down, I obliged. I closed my eyes and the aroma of the oils she was using filled the air. I asked her to start from my shoulders and she did so. Her fingers were magic, I didn't realise how much I needed a massage until she started to actually work all of the knots I had out of my back.

She worked her way down my body and then started working her ways up from my legs. By now I was getting very turned on. I turned over and asked her to get naked. She did so willingly.

She continued from where she left off and rubbed oil up the inside of my leg, working her way towards my (by now VERY HARD) cock. She started to massage my cock with her tiny hands and let me just tell you that no girl I have been with has ever been so great at touching me...

I asked her to tease me. She mounted me and started to rub my chest whilst she writhed on top of me, her (by now VERY WET) pussy slightly rubbing against my cock as she went. She saw how much pleasure I was having and smiled. She went lower down my body and performed a great deep-throat OWO.

She knew that I liked it rough so she started to give me a bj that was as if it was in a porn movie, very erotic and naughty. she spat on it and then turned round and sat above my face as she continued to suck me.

She let me eat her pussy and ass in the most intense 69 I have ever had. Her pussy was dripping wet and tasted great, she was very hygenic and her tiny ass was exactly what I needed that night.

As fun as this was, we both knew time was ticking so she sat on my dick and mounted me properly. She got straight in to it and started to ride me hard, she must have been very excited by this point because I could sure feel it wasn't just me who was enjoying it. Maybe it was because I had been sucking her clit...

After a few minutes of her riding me I could feel my testosterone building up and I wanted her even more. I was feeling brutal and I think she wanted me to take her hard... so I did.

I lifted her up and pushed her against the wall before taking her very hard. She was moaning very loud by here and I could feel my cock getting very wet, she must have been horny. I fucked her hard and when I knew I was about to blow I pulled out, pushed her on her knees and cummed on her face. She loved it.

The first time I booked her was one of my best experiences but this was just next-level. Holy crap I've never had sex like this before I just had to tell the world!! I would definitely recommend Nana if you're looking for someone VERY NAUGHTY and open-minded in Bangkok.

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Friday, May 19, 2017 - 18:00
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10% fixed in Photoshop
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