I had seen Mystic previously on several occasions including flying her to me a couple. I even went against my own policy of not writing reviews except for obvious ripoffs as our last time together was great. Big mistake !!!

Set up to see Mystic two evenings while in Tampa. Few weeks prior I received a text asking if I could advance part of donation to her as she had a “financial dilemma”. Having seen her, I didn’t think twice about it, and sent 50% of what she was to receive. Only a few days later get another text asking if I could send $200 more. Of course red flags went up at this point. I sent the 200 and asked what was going on. She called me to say she had wrecked her car and lost money on a canceled personal trip due to passport issues. Thinking we had a good rapport with each other, I let it be. Then again, several days after that, she requested more money. All said, She received over 75% of her donation up front….1700.Three days before meeting she confirmed even to tell me she knew of a good place to eat near new location I was staying.

Time came for her to meet me at hotel…..and nothing. I knew right away something was up. All previous meetings she had always kept me informed of leaving, if late, and such. This time not a call or a text. I waited @30 mins past time and sent several texts with concerns. Four hours after time, she text to say she would call. When she called she said she was sorry but had been on an addiction binge and couldn’t see me. WTF. We arranged to meet next morning for breakfast to talk over what was going on. I woke to have received a text at 5am saying she wasn’t going to make it early but would later that evening. Again time came and NCNS. Same as before, received text later saying she was sorry, “she didn’t intentionally rip me off” “ she didn’t want me to think she was a piece of shit”. After some convincing, we agreed to meet at her place next morning.

What I saw and happened next, I was not prepared for. When Mystic opened the door I was shocked.The person standing in front of me was not the same person I had seen all the times before. She looked anorexic thin, like her hair had not been washed in weeks, she looked sick. She was chain smoking for the short time I was there. Which turned out to be less than 15 mins as she could barely stay awake (or conscious). In that time she went through mood swings and personality changes. I was alarmed. Next day again agreed to take her out to get breakfast but she wanted to sleep. When I questioned her situation, condition, and path she was taking, I was abruptly thrown out.

I learned, I am not the only client that she took an advance and cancelled or no showed. Coincidence? I had waited and have asked about having my money and spending it on addiction but the only thing Mystic has been concerned about is that I not write a bad review. As she put it “I cant afford not to work”. Work?? She was paid 1700 and did nothing except spend every penny on addiction. What a con, a ripoff !! Worse I feel like shit for being a contributor to her problem. She is using the hobby and taking advantage of clients to support that need.

So beware gents, your money, safety, and possibly health are at risk. Don’t be an enabler.

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Friday, February 9, 2018 - 00:00
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Not that girl
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