Mistress Megan

After megan arrived to my hotel room she didn’t waste any time getting things rolling I had left her donation for her in the bathroom on the counter top laying on the bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom and she came out wearing the sexiest naughtiest school girl outfit I had requested and can over to me on the bed and we went over her rules which I respected and was rewarded for doing so she got my dick wet with my Uber lube I fucking love that stuff and once I was ready and hard as fuck I put a condom on and told her I want to start this off with that ass up in the school girl outfit, she obliged and it started feeling a little to good so I had to stop because I didn’t want to pop off early so then got into missionary and she took control from there at first I was hesitant to allow so but honestly I have no regrets doing so! She was the complete definition of rock your socks off pussy feeling so bomb we kept that going steady for a good bit till I couldn’t even hold my nut in anymore. What I especially enjoyed tho was the fact that she wasn’t trying to rush out the door when we finished she offered me an amazing massage after words and all I know is I have not slept that good in a very long time she will definitely be my go to every time I’m back in to town she showed me that elite companions still do exist and are trustworthy classy as I use to remember so thank you so much megan for an amazing time you are indeed talented!