Missy is an ATF. We first met about 5 years ago; our visits since always feel fresh, unique, and imbued with the intensity of a hot, first-time encounter yet still seasoned with erotic familiarity. She’s professional and if you respect that – her required screening, her time and scheduling – you are in for a rare treat. Over the years, I connected with other “friends” of Ms. More, and without a fault all have echoed the same sentiments: “she’s awesome”, “a great gal”, “fun, fun, fun”, “energizer bunny”, “a stunner”. Now, I’ve had my grateful share of playmates during the past 15 yrs., with the expected normal distribution of great and mediocre visits, but some encounters just reach out to another realm altogether. For me, Missy is just such an adventure. She’s always been available when I ‘m looking to setup a visit and, once committed to, our scheduling is a straight shot between “Yes, let’s do this!”, to walking into each other’s arms. Appearance? Yes. She’s a head-turning, beautiful, hazel-eyed, self-possessed, slim waisted, muscular blonde MILF; her body rises up on a pair of powerful legs that lead to a pair of soft, enhanced DDs providing s scenic mammary stopover on the way towards a very kissable pair of lips. I’d venture she carries Nordic DNA somewhere in her lineage – Viking for sure, lol – and there is this hot “nobility” about her. (Better left for poets, I’m sure, to continue on that musing.)
Missy exudes a naturally comfortable personality: mellow, playful, sexy, AND she possesses a healthy and inquisitive mind towards anything kinky/fetish. Her avowed service mantra is pretty much that YOU take center stage in her sexual playpen. When together, she says she just follows my lead. She offers a full and open sexual canvas to which I bring my desire and, together, we always seem to create a fresh experience: one that lingers days afterwards as pleasant reveries and hot, naughty reflections. When aroused, Missy exudes an elemental force of female passion and, as such, my recent and past visits with her have been memorable and primal.
For this past visit, Missy came to me, as her primary playground is only an hour away and she does periodically venture this way when connecting with new and old friends. This visit, a multi-hour visit, was just to see me – though, she did also entertain while in town, the following day, a friend I recommended. I picked her up at the train station and squired her off to a pre-arranged visit to a local art museum. She and I share creative (art) interests and have reviewed each other’s work over the years. While in the galleries, I pulled her to me a few times and indulged in quick kisses; but, overall, we were well-behaved adults, knowing all too well we’d be letting the animals out to play later on. After an hour touring the galleries, went to a beverage stop to provision the room with additional liquid refreshments and then off to the 4-star hotel she’d arranged - classy and discrete accommodations are always the assumed MO for Missy’s in call when traveling.
After settling in to the room, we spoke and continued to catch up. I went out for ice and briefly explored the hotel, a new and very nice spot. When I returned, she had removed her bra under her black blouse accompanied by a black G-string. She set up some liquid refreshments while continuing with ongoing catch-up convers. At some point, Missy motioned me to sit on a chair she had positioned by the bed. She then sat down atop and astride me and began a hungry DFK. I started slowly, feeling for her mood, and then I began eagerly (and aggressively) kissing her neck, shoulders, and then back to DFK. She began to moan and respond more insistently, wanting and giving more as I asserted myself; our embraces and roaming hands became more insistent and purposeful with my hands wandering up under her blouse. She has wonderfully full and enhanced DDs, perfectly soft handfuls, with erect nipples announcing themselves. After removing her blouse and my shirt, I avidly explored each exposed full breast with may hands and mouth. After a few minutes, I stood, lifting her up with me and carried her, saddled and straddled around my waist, to the foot of the king-sized bed. I gently laid her down, kissing, and we eased into a hot grind before removing our remaining clothes. We continued this grind, pausing only to suit up; and, once covered, I eased into MISH. Amazingly firm fit. As we began to move, finding our initial pace, we both shared this little spoken “wow” moment. Sometimes two people get a perfect anatomical fit and it’s a very lock and key type experience. Soon, we were like fish in water, intuiting and falling into the other’s rhythm, swimming and chasing our shared pleasures.
[DIRECTOR’S CUT…‘it’s like re-playing a private x-rated movie’] --- We began with MISH: old friends and feeling that great groove again; next on to CG: she’s in control and riding and rocking the show. Followed, again, by MISH: after she pulled back the sheets, I positioned the pillows beneath her to elevate hips/deeper for penetration – orgasm and fist gushes began. Afterwards, I moved down to DATY: puppy dog licks (frontal and lateral), clit sucking and quick flicks and reading her bucking hips and sighs - she possesses a very well-endowed and happy clit. Up for air and she just rolled over for doggy, and I gave it to her fast, deep, and hard (complimented with more squirting). A needed break to cool down...she’s lying prone while I begin to deliver a back & leg massage; she still is very aroused and responding, so I lay atop her back and begin grinding with my cock from behind between her legs for clit/vulva stimulation; while in this position positioned above her, I continued massaging, this time, by caressing & squeezing her head – AND this coupling became very erotic and sensual…I kissed and gently bit her shoulders and nape - we soon both fell into a sweating/sensual tropical romp…just our bodies (mine grinding down on her while kissing, squeezing her neck and head while our minds seemed completely given to and drowned in the moment. Fantastic. We then transitioned and gently rolled into scissors – where we found a deep penetration position, so I went slowly, while also initiating a brief FIA play. Again, so erotically stoked, so highly erotic - Missy was right there with me, giving and receiving pleasure so easily, willingly, and greedily: only sensation, no thoughts. Eventually (‘cause we are just human), we rest, libation/hydration follows, a music change, and I bring out some original art for sharing and gifting, plus more reflective convers.
In the last hour together, it was MISH all the way. Being with Missy in MISH, after all the prior vigorous positions, didn’t quell the ardor, instead, it pushed the GFE bar higher for me. Missy knew how to give me the sweetest pillow talk: a combination of upward glances and then fixed stares at the thrusting view between us, spontaneous kisses, licks, sighs, soft spoken utterances, and grimaces as our pleasure rose in wave after wave. We pulled the bedsheet over us, tenting our play until the temp reached sauna levels when she would throw the sheet off, laughing, only to pull it back as we kept falling back into repeated passion climbs. Felt like a honeymoon romp. Though I never completed, this sometimes happens with vigorous play, I had a FANTASTIC and uniquely erotic and sensual time with Missy. My pleasure really came from knowing I was pleasing her so. Missy came many times and, during a text convers the following day, we both noted how well we had slept that night. Her snug fit and our prolonged and vigorous wrestling about the bed, wetting it repeatedly, ensured a “sore” reminiscence of our extended love-play for me. When not playing, sadly, my sexual life exists in a sort of “pilot light” stage, but with Missy that light grew to its natural expression: a bonfire. With her help, I re-lit that primal fire within me that so sweetly consumed me, leaving me not empty but warm, refreshed, and fulfilled.
There will be more of Missy in my future. Gentlemen, we are lucky to have top-notch, fun, and naughty providers like Missy out there. We’ve all had to kiss a few frogs in our journeys; isn’t it time to kiss a Queen? Highest recommendations rom this reviewer.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 00:00
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