Hanging out with Marianna was an amazing experience. I was nervous to see a provider due to rumors of them preferring to see clients over 40. However, Marianna was welcoming during every step of the process -- including during the initial contact and screening. She was an absolute pleasure to see, and I plan on doing so again in the future. If you act like a gentleman, respect her boundaries, and show her that you see her as an equal -- she will make your dreams come true and give you an unbelievable experience.

Marianna came to my room at the agreed time. I was too nervous to request a specific outfit, even though her screening process provided an option to do so. Instead, I simply said my favorite colors are red and black. I may have also said that I always fall for dresses and stockings. Why is all of that important? Well, when I opened the door Marianna was wearing a red form-fitting cocktail dress; I thought my jaw was going to hit the ground. Somehow I managed to invite her inside, and we had an approximately twenty-minute conversation about our lives, which was better than the small talk I have during any first date.
After she excused herself to the washroom, which allowed me to catch my breath. At this point, I could feel chemistry with Marianna, despite the copious amount of nerves running through my body. Upon her return, I offered we go to the lobby for dinner. Marianna agreed to do so with a smile on her face.

The quality conversation continued at dinner. Marianna showed herself to be intelligent, thoughtful, and quirky. We had several similarities and differences, I appreciated how my multi-ethnic background never felt like an issue to her. I've had girlfriends who didn't make me feel that comfortable in my skin.

Once we got back to my room she excused herself to the washroom once more. At this point, I was fully relaxed and wondered where the night would go. When I was lost in my thoughts, Marianna came out of the washroom wearing black lingerie with stockings that went all the way up her leg.

My cock was ready to burst through my pants as she walked over to me without saying a word and started softly kissing me deeply with her tongue. As I ran my hands up and down her back, I realized that I've never been with a woman with a body as nice as Marianna's. Pictures truly don't do her figure justice; she is in amazing shape.

I quickly learned that Marianna is a master with her tongue, using just enough to accentuate a kiss, but not too much to be overbearing. She unbuckled my belt as we kissed, unzipped my pants, and softly began stroking my cock as I moved my lips to her neck. Her soft moans in my ear turned me on even more as I took off her bra, and licked and sucked on her breasts briefly.

She dropped to her knees, pulled my pants off and began blowing me without a condom while looking up at me with her gorgeous eyes that are difficult to describe due to how unique they are.

After a minute or so, she told me to take my shirt off and sit down in one of the chairs, which I immediately did. Marianna continued to blow me for a while. I wanted to taste her so I stood up and gently pushed her on the bed, I went down on her for a few minutes enjoying her moans, quivering body, and verbal encouragement to keep going.

I then reached on the counter for a condom, which Marianna seductively slid onto my shaft. We made out for a bit before I asked her to bend over for me. I teased her for a bit, before sliding inside of her, she's amazingly tight, and I couldn't keep from staring at her ass as I took her from behind. I put my hand on her shoulder, and Marianna didn't hesitate to buck back into me, perfectly matching my rhythm.

After a few minutes, she said anal was an option, but I declined and told her that her pussy is perfect. She asked to ride me with a smile on her face, and she knew exactly what she was doing while on top of me. I grabbed her tight as she leaned down to kiss me before I rolled over until I was on top of her.

She could tell I was getting close for her, and she encouraged me to finish until I had one of the best orgasms of my life. After we caught our breaths we had a shower together, cuddled and talked for about an hour, before falling asleep.

I was sad to see her go in the morning, but it was an incredible experience that I'll never forget.

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