The Lady in question speaks French and Wolof perfectly. Her English is basic +. She understands more than she lets on. Being a perfectionist, she is timid in this, and only this, regard. If you are patient and give her a little encouragement she will be able to communicate the basic stuff. I was with her in French so I will start, if I may, in French. I will provide an exact English version further down the page.
Lylya est une femme fascinante. Le corps d'une jeune fille - petites poitrines asymétriques et culottes très ajustées et minces. Elle peut vous faire mal avec le désir. Cool yeux noirs, allumés avec une intelligence qui s'affirme rapidement dans son discours. Une voix douce et sensuelle, un grand sens de l'humour et un vif énergie, avec un engagement dans à peu près tout se qu'on peux imaginer, surtout la musique et la littérature. Sa présence était toujours intéressante, attrayante et élégante. //
Lylya is a fascinating woman. The body of an adolescent - small asymmetrical breasts and butt; very fit and lithe. She can ,make one ache with desire. Cool dark eyes lit with an intelligence that quickly asserts itself in her speech. A soft, sensuous voice, a great sense of humour and an avid interest in just about anything you can imagine. Her presence in any setting private or social was always interesting, eye-catching and elegant. (Elegance is the key)

La dame est vraiment une dame. Elle semble être un amalgame de plusieurs composantes africaines. Elle est une couleur de caramel noir, elle a quelque chose de Peule en elle et quelque chose d'une princesse orientale et d'une grande partie du chat sauvage. Elle est dynamique et passionnée comme amoureuse. Est capable d'une énorme tendresse quand elle le juge approprié. À l'exception de quelques femmes rare, sa performance au lit est parfaite.

Donc termine mon appréciation de ses compétences en tant que courtisane. Ce qu'elle fait en escorte, figure sur son site. Tout ce qu'elle offre- en dehors de la base - est disponible à condition qu'elle se sente appréciée et sécurisée. C'est une histoire ancienne: si on la traite avec respect et si on sait comment allumer les passions sexuelles d'une femme, vous aurez une expérience inoubliable. Je vous encourage à la voire. En si concerne moi même, si je reste en vie quelques mois de plus, je la reverrai.

Un Dernier Mot: Son site, en particulier les images, sont loin de la réalité Il n'y a pas de justice. Cette fille est vraiment une fusée à rouler: une expérience merveilleuse.
Here I am much more detailed than in the French:

The lady is very much just that:a Lady. She seems to be an interesting mixture of many elements of Africa. She is not of the Bantu strain, her colour is a rich, dark caramel, there is something of the Peule nomad in her. She is vibrant and passionate as a lover. Is capable of enormous tenderness when she deems it appropriate, and can compete with all but the very best in her performance in bed. One useful and necessary detail form the sheets is this. Her oral work is outstanding. There are women famed in the porns industry only for their fellatio. Well, this woman can learn nothing whatsoever from them. She 'tends not' to want to swallow. After all, we are in Africa, where HIV rates are considerably higher. Note, as well that I put the verb in single inverted commas. Her work - our play - is done with passion, humour; with a completeness and attention to detail that leave one with tears in ones eyes and the top of ones head on he other side of he room. For this service alone she is earns the 9 given her for performance. She performs the rest with equal precision and attention to detail.

So ends my appreciation of her skills as a courtesan. What she does as an escort s is listed on her site. All that she offers – apart from the basic and so much more -- is available on condition that she feels appreciated and secure. It is an old story: if one treats her with respect and if one knows how to kindle a woman’s sensual passions, you will have an unforgettable experience. I recommend her to you. I, for one, will be seeing her again. PS Her site does not do her justice. The photos are far from the reality. She is, I imagine a little timid of the camera. Working women in Senegal are tremendously secretive about their trade. For a discussion on that subject, email me. To finish with the woman, this girl come very sophisticated and fully grown woman really is in every sense a velvet glove and rocket to ride: a wonderful experience.

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