Leesssa is easy to get a hold of via text. Typical system, discretely let her know what you want, and when, and she'll get you in the general area East of the Strip. Final text when you arrive will get you an apartment number.

I've seen Leesssa posting on numerous sites, and I asked her to wear the black lingerie and stockings that she's wearing in a lot of her photos. She was happy to accommodate, answering the door with her gorgeous, massive, breasts spilling out of it. Leesssa likes to advertise as a kisser, and she did not disappoint with her hug and kiss hello. Led me to a back room, had me get undressed and lay down. I left my donation out for her as I did. She got undressed too, rubbed herself up with some oil, spread some more on my back, and proceeded with her advertised Nuru massage.

This isn't your normal massage, she used her whole body, her massive breasts, her pussy, everything, to rub me up and down with some light teasing of the boys. She continued this on the flip, but now I was in a position to let my hands start working on her too has she continued to slid up and down my body. I got a finger into that pretty pink pussy of her's, and she was already wet, but I turned that up to 11 as she went for some more kissing.

Wanting to return the favor, she proceeded to give an amazing BBJ. I had already set up for a longer 2 pop session, so I didn't even worry about trying to hold out. I just let things happen how they wanted and when I was ready I came on her huge breasts. We both did some clean up, then laid back and chatted, with some more kissing, to give me some recovery time. When I felt I was ready again, I was time for another BBJ. I made sure she was ready too with some more kissing and FIV then on with the cover and she mounted me CG.

Riding me, giving me perfect access to suck on and play with her nipples and for her to bend in for some kissing. CG is my absolute favorite position, being taller I can't see or do much if I'm the one on top. She rode me slow, she rode me hard, she gave me some good grind. I came in the cover this time, I hate pulling out. Cleaned up again, chatted and kissed a little more, than sadly it was time to go. Leesssa is a sweet girl who truly seems to enjoy what she does. I will absolutely repeat with her.

Be kind, let her know what you want without being a jerk and she is happy to accommodate you. But like any provider, don't go outside her menu and don't be some cheap hobbyist expecting a 2 pop 30 min quickie for under $100.

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Monday, September 10, 2018 - 00:00
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