Lady Monica

I wish I would had seen the reviews on this beautiful redhead before meeting her. She's definitely the girl in the pictures but she definitely has the New England attitude. Very straightforward, ask for tip up front and nearly demanded it. As I said she is beautiful and she is definitely the girl in the pictures but if you're looking for an escort type scenario this isn't the girl for you. Very much into domination although she does give a decent body rub. Would I choose to see her again? Probably not unless it was for just a body rub. But you may like her if you're into fetish and tall good-looking redheads. I should know that she is safe and there was no real screening to get to meet her. She's located on the Eastside of Knoxville and a decent location. I'm not sure the exact date that I met her but I visit Knoxville once a month and I believe it was around May 10th

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