My experience with Kynsley was frustrating at best. We talked on the phone 4pm and made plans to meet at 7pm but I had to go through her screening process first since I was a first time client. That is understandable I want the girls to be safe as much as they do. Part of her screening process is a recommendation from one of the girls I’ve seen before. I’m new to the game so I have only seen one other girl. We couldn’t get a hold of her so she asked to push the appointment to later that night. Next issue to arise is the donation she stated accepted it through cash app. It hours for her to get it setup. Once she got it setup she sent me a payment request and asked I pay before she came out to see me. She stated she has made the drive and been stiffed is the past so since I was a first timer ... well you get the idea. This was a red flag for me but ultimately I tried to make the payment anyway. Cash app rejected the payment saying “the payment has been rejected for your protection”. I told her what happened and ultimately had to send a screenshot for the her to believe me. I told her I would just pull out cash and she agreed to meet at 11pm. 11pm rolls around and she is a no show. Around 11:15 I texted her to check on her with no response. Around 11:30 I called her no answer. Finally at almost midnight I texted her to cancel the appointment and she finally responds saying “the hotel I’m in has had sting operations in the past” and that’s why she didn’t show. Now I don’t know if that was true or not I’ve only been back in town for about a month but I basically spent half the day waiting for her to be a no show when I could have made other arrangements.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 00:00
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