I met Jayme last week on a business trip in the East Bay region of Alameda county in her nice condo.
Jayme is now 46 years old and looks very nice for her age.I appreciated the nice atmosphere and beautiful gated community. I felt at ease and in a safe place right away.
Upon opening the door she was dressed in a nice classy lace dress and very pretty thigh high stockings. I always appreciate a lady who puts a lot into her appearance to make the fantasy much better.

I was going to spend two hours, but because she had no more bookings for the day I ended up spending five hours.I actually gave her more of a donation than she asked for . But it was worth every penny of it.
It is rare a lady can keep my interest or stamina longer than one or two hours.
I can say the "companionship " she provided surpassed much more than I expected. She is the real deal as far as she does not fake anything and is a genuine little delight.
She sure does fit that Scandanavian look with very light blond hair. She is busty and has a nice bubble butte. She is just a tiny bit curvy. But barley that. Yet not rail thin either.
I have seen her ad and been eyeing it for a long time. I am very glad I finally took the plunge. Her screening is very easy . But she will see no one unless you are screened. I am glad her screening is simple and not very invasive.
Her talents , looks and atmosphere is absolute class and very seductive all in one. On the way out I paid for her scented pantys she had on when I had arrived.
She has one of the most beautiful white smiles I have ever seen. So I knew I was getting a lady with great hiygene! That helps as I am a stickler for cleanliness!
So go see this little cute gal. She is what she says she is and more! I am very happy to see her again on my next business trip. In the meantime I am going to partake in some phone sex or sexting with her while I smell them beautiful scented pantys!

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Friday, July 26, 2019 - 00:00
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