I set up my 12 hour session up with Jayme before I left Barcelona. She required a 25% deposit( for the agreed upon $3000.00) which I agreed to. After flying into the airport and making my way to My San Francisco hotel I then called Jayme to let her know I was in and confirmed our day together for the next day.
I met her the next day at her beautiful place after being given a security code to get into her secure residence. I was very happy to see she was even nicer than I had thought she would be in my mind. She met me at the door with a nice white lace dinner like short tight dress on with stockings and red heels.
Her place is nice and she had soft jazz music on in the background and several scented candles around the place. We proceeded to sit on her sofa and have some white wine as she is allergic to red wine. We talked for awhile as I was quite nervous.
Eventually we made it to her room and I got undressed for my massage and ? I watched her undress and it was quite exciting to see her in garters and stockings. She is not a very tall girl. She has some pretty curves. She is about five three or five four tall and has a petite curvy firm shape that is very sexy! She is a cute Swedish girl with a very nice behind. I could not keep my hands off of it!
Jayme gave me a long 45 minute massage and then we went on into seductive light domination with me doing everything she asked to please her. I did not mind at all as I was greatly rewarded.
After showering and dressing we walked across the street and had a nice meal . We came back and changed again and sat by the pool for a bit and I had a nice swim to cool off. Jayme went and got another bottle of the wine I had brought and we hit the hot tub for awhile.
Then into the showers again at her place and did another massage and some hot kinky fun . I have not felt so good with a woman in a long time as I have been out of it after loosing my wife two years ago.
I fell asleep for awhile and sadly our day ended. I made sure I left Jayme a good tip as I really appreciated how she made me feel.
She just could not stop thanking me. I am sure it is very hard for all the girls in the United States since all their major sites are down. I have tried my best to be respectful with this review as I do not want to get Jayme in any trouble . If you treat your provider with respect and a nice tip( if you can afford it )she will always reward you in many ways.
I travel several times a year to the Bay area. So I plan to visit Jayme whenever I am there.
Jayme is in her forty's and is a very sweet seductive person. But she also can be sweet and quite kinky all in one. IF you are realistic in your expectations of what a mature lady brings to the table instead of expecting her to look twenty you will be very happy with this one.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 00:00
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