One of the nicest milf's you will ever meet. I spent three hours with her with a advance booking arrangement a day ahead of time. If she had not had something planned for later I would have stayed at least two more hours.
She is a very cute little blond with soft skin. I really enjoy mutual touch.
She gives a great massage( among other things). But I can give a pretty mean massage myself which she seem to really enjoy..
I brought some lunch and a nice bottle of white wine. We made a pick nick in the middle of the bed and ate there on a blanket.
I could go on and on about every position and how great her skills are. But these days you must be a little more respectful with the new laws and all.
As it is Jayme has asked for me not to get crude or graphic If i decided to review.
All I know is that she is pretty. She delivers on her promises to make you feel more than great. She was damn exciting and also a intelligent classy person in general.
I am not at all unhappy with meeting her. I will repeat my visits as much as I can afford. I did splurge. But it was my birthday and I feel I deserved it.
Next time you see her and she smells especially good. That would be the new perfume I brought her.
One of my favorite parts of her body was that nice beautiful firm round ass. But for you guys that are a breast lovers then she is great looking there too.
She lives in a nice private place in Emeryville. I had to park and walk about a half of a block to get a security code to come in. But it is a huge place and no one would notice you any different than another resident.

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Monday, April 23, 2018 - 00:00
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