I have written a few reviews on my ATF. Been seeing her since end if January. Took her to AC.
As always perfect girlfriend. She sat smilingly and, holding me ,cheering me on as I was gambling thousands away. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a long tight lace gown I had gotten for her.
I don't need to get into porn type details but, I am actually single. She laughs still how I am her exception
Since I am not married. For me I treat her like a queen and, I am her King for the night. Then we part ways for a week or so.
Gent's a woman like Gillian needs to be shown she is appreciated!
Cons for some- she doesn't put up with any bull. She has dropped very high paying repeats at Tue drop of a hat. She does this not as her day job.
I am very happy to be her MAIN client lmfao
Big hearted
Behind the doors well that's our businesses.
Hit her up, if you wanna know.
Never a dull minute. Pure sex mixed with elegance as well as class