I recently contacted one of my favorite go to gals, Donna Bella (DB), for some needed playtime; we setup a back-2-back (1hr sessions) with her and her good friend, Veronica Von Black. A first for me – I’ve had doubles, but not 2 vixens one after the other. Donna Bella and I’ve seen each other a handful of times in the past, and we stay in touch via e-mail and her naughty newsletter. For those considering her for a first visit, she does screen. However, once that’s addressed, she’ very easy to work with, even with dates arranged a month or two out; this suits my personal/work schedule perfectly, as I can rarely manage a same day appointment. Donna Bella has been a regular fav or mine, as she is physically very hot, a very attractive face, AND she brings a naughty, impish attitude when playing. She has a body for sin and oh so knows how to use it – aka all over you! She is just a very cool and easy woman to hang with.

Donna Bella also gets hired as a hot “alt-model” and sports a solid portfolio with photographers looking to get her before their cameras. (BTW – she does offer video and photo packages to regular partners, if interested). From my direct experience, Donna Bella has always presented herself as a fun-loving, no-drama, naturally horny and professional provider. After a visit with her, you’ll want to become a member of her fan newsletter group to which she regularly posts updates, enticing specials, and hot photos.

I was particularly excited the day after Halloween, driving to her in-call, as I was in for 2 full hrs. of back2back hot minx fun! I was soon walking into Donna Bella’s suburban love-nest. The door opened magically and behind, as I entered, was Donna Bella attired in a pair of costume ears and black bra and panties with knee high socks. I was greeted with DFK, full on. I'd forgotten what a full lipped, hungry, and sensual kisser she is! Standing there engaged in strong and indulgent kisses, out game was on and I felt very at home just eating her up. She moaned her approval as I continued to embrace her strongly and returned her hungry kisses. We exchanged brief updates on our lives as we came up for air, then more kissing. She was soon leading me to her bedroom while she performing a playful bunny wiggle/wriggle with her tush as she entered the bedroom. I had brought some gifts (art) and offered them, much to her excitement and pleasure. We continued to kiss with strong embraces, hands roaming everywhere. We then undressed each other and then she knelt before me and swallowed me whole (BBBJ). She's a stellar fellatrix and, according to her own admittal, loves to have a dick in her mouth. I'm loving the soft pressure and warmth of her mouth as she DTS, plus the view of her naked back and purrfect heart shaped bottom presented below and in front of me was spectacular.

We eventually, move to the bed where she wants to continue with DT. I lay back watching this amazing woman suck me with abandon. Split, gagging, drool, hand strokes - all part of the amazing visuals. At some in this oral onslaught, I wanted to continue kissing her so we transition between kissing and her returning to my cock. {Note: kissing (DFK) and GFE are major turn-on and requirement for me when playing with friends.) Eventually, I suit up and she begins a vigorous CG ride. I reach up and we clasp hands as she rides now with more support. She’s bouncing hard and rocking forward a little. Unfortunately, I began to soften – no fault of Donna Bella’s - and we can't continue for too long in that position.

We transition to more hot kissing and rolling around. I head south and begin a prolonged DATY. She’s got a tuft of hair at the mons which is such a pleasant surprise. I’ve always liked the mix of shaved and hair and she’s got it all. She's very wet already and gets more so. I am reading her reaction to find how best she likes it and we head that way. After sometime I insert my finger in for some G-spot "come-to-me" manipulation and rolling my tongue around, across, and everywhere her clit and labial lips. (Donna Bella has a large clit, maybe the largest I've come across: easy to suckle and play with.) Her clit was very happy, hard and eager for more engagement. Donna Bella’s pillow talk is getting edgier and more explicit, at times laughing, and more moaning and more "Fuck yes!" quips. She's pulled her legs up like a squat on her back to give me fuller access to everything between her legs. She's sooo wet - so hot!

I suit up and we are in MISH, her legs moving around my elbow and shoulders for deeper penetration; it's working for a while and she's now quite vocal. However, I flagged somewhat…well, you know. No problem we just roll into other variations. She pulls off the condom and works it down in DT, slobbering, moaning, and to a hot final completion! She swallows all I’ve got and continues to suckle and play until I’m too sensitive. We've both worked up a sweat and just relax entwined in each other’s arms, transitioning to comfortable conversation and catching up.

Great time with a super cool woman. Been an ATF for years. Always a great experience. I’m already looking to our next visit – however, next time I’ll plan to have a little blue pill assistance. Donna Bella is so much fun. Highly recommended and not to be missed. Back2Back: Act1 completed and applause rendered; Act2 was about to begin as Donna Bella leaves the room and returns with Veronica Von Black - see Back2back (part 2) post.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 00:00
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