Danielle Derek

Danielle is one of the all-time hottest pornstars ever, and after meeting her, I would say just the coolest most chill person in the world! It took a few times to coordinate her schedule with mine, but it finally worked. I’m not boasting, I’ve been with plenty of the biggest name stars out there, now Danielle is right at the top of the list as far as an overall dream come true. I couldn’t believe it, but she looks better in person then in any movie I’ve seen her in, and that’s no joke. Just gorgeous, so polite and just wow, didn’t think her body could get any better but her curves are sexier then ever! I still can’t believe I met her...will never forget it. If you have a chance to meet her, you should do anything you can to make that happen, just the hottest woman and so sweet! Thanks for being so awesome Danielle!!