First of all she was almost 30 min late and she didn’t look like her photos at all! It’s obvious she’s using filters because she’s not as attractive in real life but despite that I was actually enjoying her company until our impasse......I like to leave the bartering outside of the bedroom and the bed & I don't vibe particularly well with people who are up charging for every little touch and peek of skin! Add to that we're sitting there with a limited amount of time left and she wanted to demand a $100 tip that we’d already agreed I was going to get her on the way out of town.
I simply don't want to share physical intimacy with somebody who's that greedy she is running down time while hitting me with a bunch of all about the money BS. My time is important toonand I don't like it wasted on that kind of BS when we had already made an agreement and were past the bartering/strategy stage of events and on to the execution of agreed upon plan phase.
It's low brow common as dirt bait & switch BS to barter once that commences is my way of thinking. I can't get past it but rudeness and greenback fever is really unappealing.
Greed is about as appealing as Jealously &
Bickering about BS. Add all that up and how the timing of it all was just killing the mood and running down the time. I'll never be that desperate for a piece of ass to put up with that kind of crap. ZERO appeal! Especially after she had already taken the entirety of the money that we had agreed upon (for the third time I point out). I don't appreciate paying a boatload of money to have someone come over and be rude to me to the point that makes me not want to have any physical intimacy with them.
Call her the Moodkiller!
She got paid a lot of money by me to basically be intolerably rude to me and charge too much for something she didn't even have to do, she took the win and walked away with a smile. She’s in the wrong line of work....That’s not me trying to be mean. That's just a friendly observation. Hope the money helped out with her kid.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 00:00
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