Bree is a slender, almost petite chick with a nice ass. Nice face with a big smile. She very engaging and fun to talk with.

I'd been wanting to spend more time with Bree after our first date last November. While I was hoping for dinner and a tour of the local art galleries (She's an artist) we decided to visit the local sexy store and pick out some new lingerie. I'm game and we find her some nice outfits. While we're there we pick up lube and a boxed kit with restraints and ticklers and stuff.

Back at my place she gives me a fashion show and we negotiate who gets to tie up who. She wins and straps me to the bed spread-eagled and blindfolded (although I can peak a little). At this point she's wearing a pink body suit with the crotch cut out.

She pours lots of lube on and handjobs me to hardness. She tries out the ticklers but there's not much happening with it. It's much better that she's sucking my dick now, lots of attention the balls and shaft and she's sloppy all over.

She puts a condom on and rides me cowgirl, chasing her nut pretty hard. When she's had enough of that she says she's releasing me now and unhooks the restraints. She assumes 'the position' -- on her knees, face down to the left, and with her knees sharply bent so her feet are together under my ass. She grabs my dick and puts it in her pussy for some K9 pounding. But what she really wants is me in her ass. I think she really likes my dick. I'm in her ass and she's loving it -- slapping and rubbing her clit while I slam her butt. I don't know if she came, but we did find her limit and switched to missionary to finish with some passionate kissing and a little hair pulling.

Bree is a super cool chick with alot going on. I really dig her artwork and would love to get to know her more from that side. She can be a little head strong at times, but she blames that on being a Taurus.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 00:00
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