Wow! I got lucky with this young beauty. A friend told me all about her and I didn’t believe it, I do now. She works for an agency in Montreal, born there and crazy hot accent and body. I think she’s trying to fly under the radar and is very safety. Once I got the deets from my pal, I knew what to expect. Texted her and she responded with verification, which I happily complied. She responded pretty quick and we set up a visit for the next day.

She opened the door and I was floored. My first thought….I don’t think I’ve fucked anyone this stunning……and I’ve had my share. She was smoking hot, looked exactly like the pics. Her accent was killer and you could tell she was very much at ease and subtly in control. She was dressed in yoga pants and a tight long sleeve tee, you could tell her body was sick. Her ass was unexplainable, it hardly moved when she walked but it was plump, young and looked firm as hell.

We chatted briefly and she asked me to shower. I returned to her in a white lingerie outfit. Seeing how hot she was made me marvel for a minute, what a sight. She pulled my towel off and began a bbbj without a word being spoken. She went at it until I started moaning, she stood up, slipped off the bra and dropped the panties. She said lets get on the bed, I’m getting horny. Her tits were all natural and amazing, her nips were protruding as they hardened. She has the smallest little blondish/brown bush, very soft and super hot looking. Everything else is waxed so she is super smooth all over. I began daty and didn’t want to stop, she’s athletic and began writhing on the bed and you could see the muscles contracting in her stomach and legs, her body was so tight. She asked to 69 which was insane, looking up at this specimen, her tits swaying and young taught body hovering over me while she’s sucking my dick and balls. After seeing this I couldn’t help but nut. She took everything, swallowed and jumped for cleaning supplies.

Cleaned me up nicely and we chatted for a few. Round 2 began with me fingering her, she was still wet 10 mins later which was so hot. She applied the condom and asked for missionary first. She pulled her legs up to her ears as I went deeper and deeper. I could tell she was getting off by her shaking, she moved on top and started fucking cowgirl. I mean crazy, her tits were bouncing and she was squatting down and slamming my cock. She was so tight and wet, whispering the whole time. She asked for doggie which I knew would be the final act. Her ass is so amazing, it’s very tight and athletic. She put her face in the pillow and raised her ass like a pro, sadly it took about 3 minutes and I was aching to come. I told her I was close and she flipped around, pulled off the condom and milked me dry. I was convulsing for what seemed 15 mins. She took me to the shower and jumped in with me, what a treat watching her wash me and me washing her, this was fucking delightful. Very classy, confident and chill lady. Don’t miss her.

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Friday, November 11, 2022 - 00:00
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