Ariel advertises something on her website I've not seen with any other provider, the opportunity for you to openly film your encounter with her for an extra fee. This was a big selling point, read on.

Got in touch via text and she directed me to her website for a screening process. This is something I've never taken the time with before, but as I was searching for providers recently it seems like a request that's becoming more common. All of that went smoothly, date and time I picked was available. Went with the recommended 90 minutes for first time customers and am very happy I did. She only does outcall, which she told me during the session is for safety like the screening is.

She arrived via a Lyft dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, she brought a far more enticing outfit with her to change into, and when I greeted her she gave me a nice warm hug hello. She is very short, just 5 feet tall, and has one hell of a body. Curvy but athletic. I learned during our sessions she used to play soccer and was a gymnast, so those killer thighs and ass of hers are from hard work. Went upstairs and she stepped into the bathroom to change, I had left the donation in an envelope on the counter. I had not previously discussed recording the session, didn't want to get into any details via text, so I left that for in person.

She stepped out of the bathroom in some lacy red lingerie, looking like an absolute Goddess. Her ass is just freaking insane! I had taken the time to get undressed while she changed. We embraced and laid back on the bed, the whole time with an expression on her face like she is the one who is going to fuck you because she wants it. We started chatting while we both let our hands explore. I brought up the option of filming that she advertises. She was really excited by that, she seems to like being recorded as much as I wanted to do the recording.

I've never dined at the Y with a provider before, but something about Ariel threw my normal precaution to the wind. She's like a dream girl, and I wanted to experience her in as many ways as possible. If I DATY with any girl, I always like to do it before anything else, so I started kissing and caressing her body and getting her out of that lingerie. With her on her back and me with my head between those outstanding thighs I went to work. She does not like FIV, which limits part of what can be done down there, but I had no trouble getting her going. Teasing the hell out of her with kisses, licks and touches all over her inner thighs and close to her gorgeous pussy, but not on the pussy itself at first. Moving on to that pretty pink pussy was a trip to heaven. I could have kept my face buried in there for hours.

After I had her motor running we moved on to the first BBBJ. I laid back on the bed and had her with her head down and ass up. This girl LOVES to suck cock, the look on her face as she was working me was pure ecstasy, a look made even better as it was backed dropped by that amazing ass sticking up in the air. She sucked, she teased, she licked, she worked then balls. She's a freaking artist with a dick. Held out as long as I could and gave her a CIM that I asked for ahead of time. She took every drop, held it in her mouth and showed it to the camera with a smile on her face before going to spit it out.

We both cleaned up a bit and went back to laying on the bed, holding, touching and caressing each other. Chatting away while I recovered. (I had previously made it clear that I wanted MSOG for such a long session) Her tits are just as fantastic as everything else. Big, not huge but big, natural and with some very responsive nipples. She truly delivers on the GFE, making you forget you're with a provider. Very easy, and fun, to talk to.

When I was ready to go again it was time for another stellar BBBJ. This time I stood on the floor with her kneeling on the bed. I did this because she let me know her favorite position is doggy, so I wanted to start with that. With my dick hard again, on went the cover. She spun around so she was standing in front of me, laying her body and head across the bed. Best way with our combined heights and the height of the bed. Gave that pussy some rubbing and teasing to make sure she was ready again too, and made my way in. Her pussy is nice and tight, not crazy tight but tight that you notice it. Her ass and hips are great to hold on to and seeing her ass move as I worked on her from behind was to die for.

After the doggy we moved onto the bed proper for my favorite position, CG. Recording again as we went, with her riding, bouncing and grinding away. I love CG because it allows her to lean in and we could exchange some light kissing and I could get some time with those great breasts of her's. With my height, missionary often makes it difficult to enjoy such things. She worked away until I grabbed her by the ass to hold her to me while I blew in the cover. She didn't instantly hope off, she truly let me finish and took a second for our breathing to slow.

We cleaned up again and had a little time left, so we went back to our GFE cuddling and touching. It was an out of this world experience, I've never had a better time with a provider. I WILL repeat, and soon.

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