I noticed there's two "Angelina Jones" out there, but this
Angelina Jones is not to be confused with anyone else as she's been an
elite model companion since 2012. Furthermore, she's in a class all of
her own and well reviewed.
She's a beauty from Spain and it goes without saying, this Senorita has perfected the art of seduction.

There's nothing more satisfying then a more mature woman whom is experienced and sincerely loves what she does.
Angelina's not only hot-in-the-sack, but she's highly intellectual with a
great sense of humor that's such a turn-on too.

She made my gfe experience hot and unforgettable yet again, with skills that are insane. To really know what I mean you just have to experience
her for yourself.

Overall it felt like we were long-lost lovers with affectionate pampering, lively banter, laughs and sensual heat.

Hadn't seen Angelina in about four years as I'd moved to the East Coast
for a job.
The minute I found out I'd be in San Diego in December for an impending business trip, thoughts of this goddess filled my mind.
I reached out and she remembered our last date so light screening was required for our meeting through email.

The night had arrived. I walked through the door at her desirable downtown location and it was her stunning Spanish beauty of curves in
all the right places, beautiful green eyes, long blonde hair and sexy ensemble displaying her bursting ample dd’s that made me realize it’s been far too long!

Lfkisses, light groping, and her whisper in my ear saying
“I want to devour you” almost made me blow, as I dropped the donation and raced to the clean bathroom.

We had the same fire for each other as our very first meeting!
Back then she was this thin petite and actually famous public Personality.
But since an injury, she's become a small bbw model.

She informed me of her physical changes to assure my approval before booking our date. Some may have been put off but I like a more
voluptuous woman so I found her still very sexy nonetheless.

Angelina is amazing, so if you're seeking a gfe date that includes all her
very own creative bells and whistles then hands-down Angelina delivers!

The Juicy DetailsSo Angelina Jones's bbbj is legendary in my mind as I’ve never encountered anything matching as of yet.
I've read numerous of her other reviews and it appears everyone agrees
on her superb skills.

I really shouldn’t divulge detail of her tricks, but suffice it to say her sexy bbbj, and other sensual techniques are that which you see on a porno; masterful, creative, exciting, and executed with seamless rhythm and
flow from one move to the next.

She took charge from the moment I entered the bedroom making me surrender to all of her luscious Spanish desire.
She knows exactly what she wants and what you crave without words
other than sexy dirty-talk and moaning during orgasms both yours and hers.

Angelina genuinely loves sex pleasing her partner and herself.
Dfkissing, mutual touching and sucking on her huge erect nipples, left
my slow Fiv dripping wet!
Angelina came immediately and then continued mutual slippery rubbing
of her sweet-tasting swollen clit as I datyed her to another quick orgasm, was no surprise.

Let’s just say if you can muster up the strength, she’s very oral and really enjoys sucking on your cock, nipples or lfk often & throughout the session
if you desire.

I was hungry for more licking/eating and Fiv of her sweetness, and she really loves Daty!
Her pussy is constantly so dripping-wet so lube is never needed but condoms are a must which she keeps bedside.
We used different ones several times for doggie and doggie because
that luscious big ass is so fun to watch and she‘s so tight around my throbbing cock I just couldn’t get enough!

In between she cleaned me & herself several times, then a cuddle which
I needed to recoup. Then it’s all “on” again.

The several hours I booked to really immerse in the moment with her,
fully relax and have incredible multiple orgasms, (both me and her;
she's obviously multi-orgasmic and squirts! So SEXY!) was money well spent!

Showering ensued, and off I unfortunately had to go, but San Diego’s Angelina Jones will be another rare business trip to hotly look forward to!

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