She looks just like her pictures and said I could do anything I wanted to her.

Alisa came to me, showed up on time and said I could do anything I wanted. I asked how much to fuck her without a condom and cum inside her pussy. She said free. No charge for anything I wanted to do because she didn’t want to risk being arrested for prostitution. Shes a slut that likes to whore herself out to strangers just for the thrill and risk of acting out being a hooker.

She pulled my dick out and started deep throating down to my balls. She handed me her phone to record with and it was already live streaming to her channel. She had about 100 guys watching and commenting as she whored herself out to me. She looked into the camera as she continued to massage my balls with both hands and suck hard on my cock. She’s very good at giving head and had me near the edge within less that a minute. She licked the tip and was tasting my pre cum.

I told her I wanted to feel that pussy and in one motion she stood up, pulled her skirt up and her panties to the side and slid all the way down my shaft. Oh my god, she was already so wet and hot that I came within a few thrusts. When she felt me tense up, she held hard against me for the first pump and then quickly pulled off me and then slammed my dick all the way to the balls into her ass. She stared into the camera and gyrated her hips as I continued to fill her ass with my cum for what felt like 30 seconds. It had all happened so fast I was totally caught off guard by what just happened and definitely didn’t expect things to go down like that.

I had never cum so hard or quickly in my life. Alisa wasn’t the hottest chick I’ve ever been with but she sure made up for it by being such a fucking slut. I think I’m in love. I told her I’m clearly not a cop and offered to give her the $200 I had brought for her and again she refused. I almost forgot I was still recording until she took the phone from me. I will definitly see her again and would like to become a regular of hers if she’ll let me. 5 stars!

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