ZURICH – Prostitution in Zurich

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, and as you would expect, a lot happens in a large city with liberal laws. Apart from the city’s beautiful views, river and museums, many men who visit the city are drawn to Zurich escorts who offer high-quality sex services at quite an affordable rate. Part of what makes the sex services rates agreeable in Zurich is the Swiss law on sex and prostitution.

Sex and Prostitution laws in Zurich

In Switzerland prostitution is legal and regulated; it was made legal in 1942 when laws were passed to regulate and tax the industry. There are licensed brothels, sex clubs and fantasy rooms all over the city and that is not even an issue because it is as legal as driving! However, the law is very strict and harsh on cases of trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and on pimping.  The majority of sex workers in Zurich are from South America, Central Europe, and the Far East.

 The prostitution scene in Zurich was boosted by the Free Movement of Persons Agreement that came into effect in 2002. This agreement allows firms and independent workers from the European Union to work in Switzerland 90 days a year. As a result, a lot of European sex workers come and work in Switzerland for 90 day periods, giving the Zurich escorts a much-needed variety.

The red-light districts in Zurich

As you would expect, where prostitution is legal there is bound to be some kind of red-light zones happening here and there. Although it does not measure up to Amsterdam, Zurich has its fair share of steamy hot sex zones that are worth exploring if you find your way to the city:

•    CIRCLES 4 And 5

Langstrasse is a red light district that stretches to the Hauptbahnhof and radiates out into the surrounding streets. The place has plenty of nightlife establishments including high-end Zurich escorts who work in massage parlors, erotic shops, brothels, strip clubs, restaurants, cabarets and sex bars. The district is definitely a nice place for any man who wants to enjoy adult life in Zurich. In Langstrase you easily get any erotic related services ranging from erotic massage sessions to strip dances, private dances, table dances, lap dances, and full sex services.

Where to find Zurich escorts

If you are looking for a hot Zurich escort to spend the night with you do not have to search far. For the most part, all you have to do is walk into a brothel and have a great time. You can also pick up some escorts who hand around the many bars and nightclubs, especially the places that are most frequented by internationals. Zurich escorts can also be found online via escort agencies, dating, and social media sites.