5 Things to Know About Prostitution and Escorts in France

Admin | 2017. October 26. - 13:29

France is leading international destination in Europe. Many people visit France not only for its beautiful landmarks and delicious cuisine but also for the nightlife it provides. A visit to France close to midnight will have you mistake the time of the day to be midday! It comes alive at night and internationals love it. The country is home to Paris, the city of love but that is not the only city that is known for its romance and sexual adventures. Most of the metropolitan region in France offer quite a remarkable adult life. The women are very liberal through the country and for those that are into prostitutes, Escorts in France can be found almost everywhere. If you are going to be traveling to France soon and are interested in spending time with some of the sexy and hot sex workers, here are 5 things you need to know about prostitution and escorts in France:

1.    Up until April 2016, prostitution was legal in France. But since then, a law was passed to prohibit prostitution and its related activities. Since this law is relatively new, the law officers are still finding their way in implementing and enforcing the law but it has to be said that many brothels have since closed down and many have been raided.

2.    The law punishes only the person who is paying for sex and not the person selling sex. This is bizarre and weird but it is true. In the event that you are busted by the police engaging in prostitution, only the client will be arrested and charged with the violation of sex law crime. The prostitute is in the clear. This law was put in place to try and eradicate prostitution with the belief that if there are no buyers the sellers will have no reason to sell.

3.    Despite the current stance on prostitution, escorts in France still have jobs and still make just as much as they used to make before the law was passed. The only difference is that they have to engage in their activities discreetly.

4.    Traditional red-light districts do not really exist in France. The only place that resembles a red-light district is Pigalle, a district in Paris that specializes in adult entertainment. Since there are no red-light districts and brothels are illegal, escorts in France can be found in nightclubs, bars, and private flats. To hire an escort in France you have to visit some of the adult night clubs and bars or engage with the escorts online. Locating adult nightclubs is not difficult, often you can tell by the name of the club and the dressing of the girls found inside.

5.    You can find any type of Escort in France. If you are into Asian they are there, there are also French women, Europeans, Africans, Arabs etc. You can basically find and sleep with the woman of your dreams in France. There are also elite escorts who carter for high-end clients. These are often the best as they offer a high-quality service including full companionship during your stay in France.

For anyone who will be traveling to France soon and looking to have a great time, it is not a bad idea to retain the services of an escort to act as both a guide and a lover. There is nothing better than touring a place with a gorgeous woman by your side and in your bed at night.