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Q:Do you have a list of clients that you see regularly that you have formed a special bond with? Would you feel 'cheated' if they saw another girl like how hairdressers get mad at you if you get your hair cut somewhere else?

A:Yes, I have several regular clientele. I encourage them to see other girls and I also encourage them to let me know if they need help finding information on a girl. . I'm not going to get jealous. This is not a relationship. This is an employee employer relationship. And anything I can do to ensure the safety of my clients I will do

Q:How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services? What are your suggestions to such clients to make your encounter the most enjoyable?

A:I suggest my clients burn a Google Search and research me before they hire me. Explain how to use my phone number in a Google search and find my reviews so that they can make an educated guess for themselves. I also encourage them to contact me if they need help finding information on a certain provider. I have no problem with my client seen in the provider's. I just want them to be safe.

Q:If a client decided to make you a present, what would you be happy to receive? What is your wish-list (maybe flowers, lingerie, parfume, music albums, books etc.)?


Q:What makes you notable among other providers? What exactly, you believe, you're good at? What makes your service unique? What is your favorite kind of service?

A:What makes me different from other providers? I dress in expensive lingerie. I I wear corsets. Thigh high nylons everything that I wear is designed for that experience. I put an incredible effort into meeting my clients and getting to know who they are. I do not book back to back. I do not deal with rude people. And there is a whole list of other things that I don't do. And my favorite service is the girlfriend experience. I love to have a relationship with somebody in a matter of a couple of hours and then they leave and the divorce is final and I'm good to go. . I'm being funny.

Q:How do you prefer a client to make an appointment? What information is important for you? Is screening required before the appointment?

A:I rely on a degree in Psychology that taught me syntax. I Rely more on the way somebody puts together sentences and responds to me in a text message then I actually do and what they tell me. I spend a lot of time analyzing the messages and the way people right so that I can decipher this and so far it's worked well.

Q:Do you ever get nervous before meeting a client? Is it kind of like preparing for a first date?

A:Every dates is a first date and I choreograph everything from the music to the clothes. I wear to the outfit I'm wearing everything is based on any conversation. I've had with the client and things I found out from him. I really enjoy the choreographing part of it getting ready and becoming the fantasy they want.

Q:What sort of personality qualities does someone need to possess to be a successful escort?

A:You have to really be a freak. You have to enjoy what you do. If you do not enjoy being a bit of a tramp. You're not going to enjoy being an escort. . You have to have the type of Personality or what other people think of you is none of your business. You have to have enough confidence in yourself. To be totally secure with Who You Are. If you are not okay with who you are do not get into this occupation. You will never be happy.

Q:If someone wished to become an escort, how would you recommend they go about it?

A:I would recommend. But they go to school. Get a couple of Associate's degrees including one in law. And then learn what the hell they're doing. Also about 10 years in Hospitality management helps.

Q:What are your dreams, future goals and aspirations? Short and long term?

A:At this point, I'm just trying not to kill anybody. I dont need to hide anymore bodies. So I mean have tied anybody scratch that whole answer

Q:What types of clients do you deny to meet? Are there any restrictions?

A:I do not meet anybody who uses sentences like and I quote. I seen your ad. Yo, where you stay?

Q:What is the strangest request you have ever had from a client?

A:Okay, it wasn't exactly a client. It was somebody inquiring. It was his 18th birthday and he wanted his mother to pay for it and watch. Got no joke. I'm not even kidding.

Q:Can you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

A:Oh honey, it was so long ago. I'm not even sure I can give you that one. But when I started it again, I did have a friend of mine hide the bathroom because I was sure I was going to get beat up

Q:What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A:Lol a lawyer

Q:Has being an escort changed your view of men?

A:Yes I like them more

Q:How long have you been working as an escort?

A:1-1/2 years not counting the 90s

Q:How did you get into the escort business?

A:After five husbands that just decided that I've been talking men into bed ideas for 30 years. I might as well keep going with it.

Q:What's the best bit about being an escort?

A:Different personalities you get to meet

Q:What don't you like about being an escort?

A:The fact I have to be regulated on what I can do with my body at my age. I hate the fact. That law enforcement thinks they can tell me what I can do. I'm a grown adult. And y'all didn't mind when I was getting married five times.

Q:How often do you work per week?

A:When I need to be available

Q:What are your turn-offs?


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