_0 Escort - Interview

Submitted by _0 (not verified) on 04/17/2024 - 08:00

Q:Do you have a list of clients that you see regularly that you have formed a special bond with? Would you feel 'cheated' if they saw another girl like how hairdressers get mad at you if you get your hair cut somewhere else?

A:I most definitely have formed a bond with the guys I see regularly. I don't see myself as ever getting bothered at one of the guys that I see going to see another girl. I just assumed that my guys have other girls that they see from time to time.

Q:If a client decided to make you a present, what would you be happy to receive? What is your wish-list (maybe flowers, lingerie, parfume, music albums, books etc.)?

A:I would be so flattered. Anything would be so sweet.

Q:Do you ever get nervous before meeting a client? Is it kind of like preparing for a first date?

A:Oh yeah. I definitely get nervous before meeting up with a client.

Q:What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A:I wanted to be so many things growing up. I wanted to be a wrestler, Madonna, a sexy girl that lived behind a bar.

Q:What's the best bit about being an escort?

A:All the really cool people I meet. The guys are great and I totally appreciate them. Girls are awesome & I love the way we can bond together on so many levels.

Q:What don't you like about being an escort?

A:There isn't anything I don't like about escorting. Sometimes I meet somebody that I don't connect with but that's not necessarily due to escorting.

Q:How often do you work per week?

A:It varies from week to week

Q:What are your turn-offs?

A:Bad hygiene- I didn't mean that kind of dirty Rudeness- You know what I meant by bad boy wanted Being cheap- there's just no excuse for it

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