_0 Escort - Interview

Submitted by _0 (not verified) on 04/17/2024 - 08:00

Q:Do you have a list of clients that you see regularly that you have formed a special bond with? Would you feel 'cheated' if they saw another girl like how hairdressers get mad at you if you get your hair cut somewhere else?

A:Not unless he lied and promised he would only see me so he could get bb gfe service. That would be a violation of a verbal agreement

Q:How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services? What are your suggestions to such clients to make your encounter the most enjoyable?

A:Try and give them time to relax. I suggest they let us do our job and relief the stress they have built up

Q:What makes you notable among other providers? What exactly, you believe, you're good at? What makes your service unique? What is your favorite kind of service?

A:Soft Lips Tight Grip! My reviews will give some insight check them out. I dont eat meat or junk food nor do i drink much so i taste and smell like a real lady should. I also offer a specials kink and fetish.

Q:How do you prefer a client to make an appointment? What information is important for you? Is screening required before the appointment?

A:Screening Is required for all new clients. Pic 4 pic/Facetime Age race and occupation or a reference. Outcalls req deposit or picture or facetime of actual donation.

Q:What sort of personality qualities does someone need to possess to be a successful escort?

A:Gotta have self drive and a tuff skin

Q:If someone wished to become an escort, how would you recommend they go about it?

A:Call me and come be apart of a winning team.

Q:What are your dreams, future goals and aspirations? Short and long term?

A:Finish School and To open a nail shop to create jobs and a daycare center for low income families.

Q:What types of clients do you deny to meet? Are there any restrictions?

A:Im not sub. I dont rim I dont recieve waterplay Not GFE.

Q:What is the strangest request you have ever had from a client?

A:To run him over in my car.. (I said no ofcourse)

Q:Can you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

A:Meet a guy in a casino bar we talked. He liked me and offered to take me shopping. When i got home there was $1000 in my bag i was soo supprised. Later he called and asked for a Overnighter..

Q:What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A:A Boss Bitch

Q:Has being an escort changed your view of men?


Q:How long have you been working as an escort?

A:Around 2 years off and on

Q:How did you get into the escort business?

A:Saw the sites online and I decided I could do well at it.

Q:What's the best bit about being an escort?

A:Being my own boss and meeting new people in new places.

Q:What don't you like about being an escort?

A:Theres always gonna be a person having a bad day or drunk every now and then. Sometines those interactions can suck. Gotta be careful at all times.

Q:How often do you work per week?

A:When ever needed and the Donations fair. (247)

Q:What are your turn-offs?

A:Being too rough or pushy with me. (Classy but kinky Adult behavior only)

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