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Q:Do you ever get nervous before meeting a client? Is it kind of like preparing for a first date?

A:Yes. I prefer advanced notice so that I have time to mentally prepare myself.

Q:What sort of personality qualities does someone need to possess to be a successful escort?

A:Open minded, non judgemental, and friendly. Someone who respects their body and won't let another take advantage of them unwillingly.

Q:If someone wished to become an escort, how would you recommend they go about it?

A:Research. Find like minded women who have been in the business awhile and heat what they have to say. Find your way safely and NEVER be afraid to say no it turn down a request. All money isn't good money. Love yourself first!

Q:What are your dreams, future goals and aspirations? Short and long term?

A:I prefer to live in the moment and appreciate all that has been given to me. I want to travel and explore other cultures and meet new and fascinating people. Up I would love to live near or on a beach where it's warm.

Q:What types of clients do you deny to meet? Are there any restrictions?

A:Qv, car dates, hh, and those who refuse to do screening.

Q:What is the strangest request you have ever had from a client?

A:BB Greek. I can't begin to explain how taken back I was. Obviously if he's asking me for that, he's asked and I'm sure had received it from someone else and I'm not into that. I love my body and enjoy taking care of it.

Q:Can you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

A:It felt weird only because I wasn't sure about anything and that includes myself. I'm very glad that I was at the age I was when I started compared to being younger. I wouldn't have been very good.

Q:What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A:I wanted to do something that involved helping others.

Q:Has being an escort changed your view of men?

A:Nope. People are people. As long as you're good to me I have no problems with you.

Q:How long have you been working as an escort?

A:A year and a half.

Q:How did you get into the escort business?

A:Lost a job. Was really tired of having my life rest in the palms of someone else's hands.

Q:What's the best bit about being an escort?

A:I get to meet some really neat people and discovering others likes and dislikes.

Q:What don't you like about being an escort?

A:That it's been made out to be a bad thing.

Q:How often do you work per week?

A:Normally 1-5 hours a week. I prefer low volume and making a genuine connection with my suitors.

Q:What are your turn-offs?

A:Chivalry and honesty.

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