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Elise Jolie

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Her voice, her words, her aura. You shut your eyes and you can see her skipping, sending a smile your way. She hides her face,  blushing at the look in your eye, a comment you made. Made you smile didn't it?

Silly girl, and you like it. Then that smirk, you see it in her eyes, that mischief. Suddenly that wink. Ooh you know her. What is she today -sweet, sensual, or both? That devil. She makes your blood boil. 

She is kind but ooh so...full of life. Her laugh is magical. Her personality is captivating, otherworldly and she's quite the eye catcher. Blows kisses your way, bites her lips and looks at you with lust, her hand caressing her lips and sliding  ever so slowly down her neck and beyond. Oozing sensuality and a burning desire. It's your secret message. She's an interesting one, a bit of a mystery...unforgettable. 


You want to live your life with passion and excitement. You are the type of gentleman who is adventurous, funny, charming,  generous, well spoken, and decidedly passionate. A man who who KNOWS what he WANTS. You'd like to make an acquaintance with the bubbly Miss Elise. Always greeting you with a smile and a lingering kiss.



I'm a lover of all things sensual. Like water I am fluid and exhibit numerous characteristics; calm, rapid, soothing, inspiring, and invigorating.   Here to please. I enjoy engaging the people I meet; I'll keep a smile on your face unfailingly. I'm actually quite humorous. My smile is dazzling and contagious and one of my best features along with my naturally full lips -  the lips you want to kiss, the lips you want to...I'm sure you can fill that in. After all, great minds think alike. 


Always a lady in the public eye maybe we might play footsies at dinner, you might hold my hand, caress my thighs and smile at me all in anticipation of what's to come. You might even whisper to me the dirty things you'd love to make happen just to elicit a response from me or vice versa.

At first meet, I might exhibit some demureness but don't mistake me as shy; behind closed doors I will unleash my true self to you. I am quite adventurous, coupled with a very wild imagination and a wonderfully erotic mind. Don't you want to venture inside my head? 

I long for passionate embracing like two long lost, desperate lovers and I love un-rushed longer engagements so we can thoroughly indulge in each other. 


​I consider myself creative, down to earth, and friendly. A free spirit. Openminded. The lady you see laughing, being herself; the lady you love being around because she makes you feel alive - your burst of sunshine! Or perhaps it’s because she's such a tease:you love what she does to you and how she fulfills you.



My body is uniquely sculpted with curves and perfect caramel tone (sans tattoos - no need to embellish perfection). Feast your eyes on my long legs, ample buttocks, slim waist, gorgeous skin, and soft kissable breasts with nipples to die for...literally. I am perfect for you: a slim, sensual, lithe, athletic, and flexible 5’7 . Your perfect fantasy. The Belle of you Dreams!


In my spare time, I enjoy sight-seeing, scuba diving, reading and writing, cooking/baking, working out, modeling, sewing, DIY projects, and independent research among other things. The rest of my time is dedicated to making YOU feel SPECIAL. Check out my blog for more personal insights on me.

I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, organized, ambitious, and goal oriented. I enjoy dabbling in new activities, the curious minded Belle, ever exploring, discovering more about myself, reflecting and striving for self improvement. Elise is a thrill seeker. I love the occasional adrenaline rush; I’m a true exhibitionist. 

I've been waiting for you to open me up and feast your eyes on the treasure that awaits you. As they say, "The proof is in the pudding," and I'm here for your personal consumption. See for yourself that I am much more than you expected. Your desires deserve to be fulfilled. Discover the uninhibited BLISS you've been seeking. Join me in creating interesting memories.

Till we meet. Kisses in amorous places.



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