Why high class escorting no longer exists...

Toronto Companion | 09 Feb 2022 - 09:25
Why high class escorting no longer exists...

…and hasn’t been for a long time. Where has high class gone? Why? How does a man looking for a courtesan tell who really is of high class? After all, everyone seems to claim to be…

Sliding standards
The concept of high class in companionship has changed. Firstly, the time when the society was clearly divided into classes in many cultures is gone. Now it’s hard to tell who is from what class. So the times when “high class courtesans” earned 10,000 a night are long gone thanks to the societal shift and also oversaturated market and the cost of living. Now even high profilers don’t pay anywhere near that as the cost of their living rises too, and they can get pleasures for far less.

Secondly, a bad habit of the western culture is to pull out the superlatives too early to make things look bigger and better than they are and create commercial hype. This phenomenon applies to absolutely everything in the western society. Thus it also unfavourably reflects itself on the scene of high class companionship.

High class superlatives
Too many women, sadly most of them exactly not of high class, pull out the superlatives untimely and unjustly. Years ago a handful started describing themselves as upscale, exclusive, elite, high class, high end, premier, executive, and whatever else we see on search engines and in their advertising materials, and the rest followed.

Now these terms are everywhere. Just type a search phrase for a courtesan in your city into Google. You’ll get a sea of these terms on the first page of the search results alone. Since less is more, more is also less. Every woman simply cannot be of high class, elite, upscale, or these terms would not mean anything. But since almost every woman now uses these terms to advertise herself, the terms already don’t mean anything! And our society has run out of words for trumping these terms because they are already superlatives! And so all we can do is pile them high on and on.

High class fees
High class needs public image. And public image sells to the right calibre of client. Hence the only ways a companion, escort, courtesan, mistress, paramour, or even prostitute can differentiate herself is by the quality of her presentation and the price point of her fees. Since the image of everything high class is expensive, exorbitant fees do not make the women who charges them high class.

Words and numbers alone don’t make high class.
But piling superlatives high doesn’t make any woman elite, high class, premier, executive, nor any other of those statuses. It’s all in who she is, what she knows, what and how she does, where she goes. Who se associates with. And none of those women will ever tell that to anyone, because high class likes discretion and breach of discretion would result in a fall out of the high class at cosmic speed. So all that these terms are is commercial hype.

Of course all these women fight for the same type of client – the banker, lawyer, medical professional, entrepreneur, educational professional, politician, or corporate boss. But these women forget that this type of client doesn’t pay attention to their elite, upscale, high end terms anymore, because he has seen so many used badly that he stopped paying attention to them long ago.

If you’re looking for a companion or courtesan for yourself,
the best thing I – as a men’s coach – can advise is that you let your intuition guide you. It’s not the superlatives which will make a woman be of high class. It’s the tacit presentation of herself that will whisper to your intuition in what class a woman is. Her public image will tell you whether she suits the executive. The way of expressing herself will reveal how upscale she is. Her thinking, values, actions, and character will speak volumes. And the words that aren’t said will tell you the most. The whole package = her integrity is where the answer lies for you the searching man.

Good luck with the search. And if you think that it ends here or need guidance, let me know.


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