Why Having a Companion or Mistress is Healthy for a Man

London Companion | 18 Aug 2018 - 19:13
Why Having a Companion or Mistress is Healthy for a Man

Men are designed to be promiscuous by nature.  In the world of animals the males of many species impregnate a female, but don’t stay with her for life to raise the young and grow old. The males of some species leave the female immediately after impregnation and never come back.  Males of other species openly mate with all the females in their herd. Men and males were put on this planet to further the species and in the world of modern humans this principle translates into several ways: either the men who choose to stay with one woman all their lives seek variety in the form of affairs with courtesans, lovers, or mistresses, or men leave the impregnated woman as soon as she announces pregnancy, or men go through several partnerships or marriages in life.

But this male promiscuity is perfectly natural and healthy for their sex life and the woman who refuses to accept this fact is deluded.  I don’t need the results of studies to tell me that staying with one sexual partner for life kills sex life, because good sex comprises a pinch of unpredictability – an ingredient that inevitably evaporates over time when we have sex with one person all the time. To keep the magic in any relationship it’s important to have variety and a happy mental environment.  Therefore if a man has an affair with a courtesan, paramour, lover, or mistress while staying with one stable sexual partner, he’s making a balancing act – an inevitable compromise that adds to his mental health. And just look at the fact that in some cultures a man can have up to four wives – this is also an expression of this balancing act.  Since women are wired differently and usually prefer the opposite approach to men – that of having one sexual partner for life, women don’t need to make this balancing act. But men do.

Another reason for male promiscuity being healthy is that sex with different women will inevitably be different, thus can inspire new practices that the man can take to his stable sexual partner and spice up his sex life with her, which will strengthen the quality and happiness of their relationship. If the man is not happy with something – usually the sex – in his relationship, he will seek to redress the balance.  The balancing act of having both a stable partner and a companion, paramour, lover, or mistress gives him healthy mental environment and, of course, the countless physical health benefits of sex!

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