The Weather Outside is Frightful

BRAT | 07 Feb 2022 - 15:59

Hey Y'all I am Back... 

The Weather Outside is Frightful but Brat is so delightful since there no place to go, Lets call Lilith at her NEW or text so you can enjoy her company over the web. I know your like No fuck that i want to see her in person. However with the roads snow and weather I dont think Inperson would be healthy or worth the slippery roads maken cars go off road.... I will video chat, email, and so on anything online I will Do, and I will sell my underwear, clothes even.... 

I was thinking and you know what happens when lilith thinks. she apparently today makes remixes to songs about the weather.... hope yall enjoyed... i also have a friend with me... who is also doing the selling of content and video chats and such HIT ME UP.


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Good morning KC
25 Oct 2023
Good morning KC

I'm available today and the rest of the week including weekends from 5am-9pm.  I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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