Top 5 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say to an Escort

Admin | 24 Jun 2018 - 18:07
Top 5 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say to an Escort

There are many times that people have said something they wished they could take back, either they weren’t thinking and just spoke or they actually meant to ask it and then decided that it probably wasn’t the right thing. Either way, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we get lucky and the person laughs it off, other times we might find the drink thrown in our face. It makes a laughable memories. Here are the top five things I wouldn’t recommend saying to an Escort. Enjoy!

1. Do you have a personal relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ?

This is not the way to go about having a nice time with the lovely lady in question. Just because she enjoys her job does not mean she will enjoy you questioning her personal beliefs due to her job choice. It’s really none of your business. Stick to the weather. 

2. I bet you could afford a golden shower.

Seriously? I know everyone is entitled to their own kinks and fetishes but I wouldn’t use this one as an ice breaker. If you were to say this to the lovely lady, I would almost be willing to bet my monoply money that she would slowly get up and walk away or she may be down for it but either way, I don’t recommend using this one as a conversation started. 

3. Does your husband know where you are? 

 If I was the escort in question, my retort would’ve been, “ ​Does YOUR wife know where you are?” 

Who knows, if she is married he may be totally cool with it. If she isn’t married, that’s cool too. If she is and he don’t know, well, what makes you think it’s any of ​your  business. Be sure to respect her privacy, you wouldn’t like it if a stranger started questioning every move you made and involved your personal life would you?

4. Can I getcha number, baby? I think we would make magic together, maybe you can be the lucky lady to have my baby. 

Laying it on thick, huh? First, I don’t think she would be too interested nor would she appreciate your ‘well thought out’ offer. We all know that the beautiful ladies are suppose to form a type of relationship with the client but that’s a completely different type of

relationship. Too intimate, too personal. 

Escorts are suppose to help you escape, some assist in living out fantasies but asking for her personal number or trying to hook up outside of the appointment is a no-no. Would you walk up to any young woman and just spout this line? No? Well, as funny as it is and yes, I have heard this line before, show the woman some respect or she might just have to give you a lesson in it. Hahaha..and I doubt it will be free of charge. 

5. Can I get a discount?

This is a good way to never see her again. She is a working woman and just like any person who works, she deserves her pay. Especially if she has to put up with any of the above questions. Don’t ask her this, I have the gut feeling it wouldn’t end well for you in the short or long term. Matter fact if you said any of these things to the beautiful woman, I would tip her and tip her big time. 

I hope you found this light hearted and funny, but all jokes aside, makes sure you show your Escort the upmost respect, this includes respecting her privacy, her limits, and over all her in general. Now relax and enjoy!


Written By: K.D. 

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