Thanksgiving Hopefully Sooner

Submitted by _0 (not verified) on Mon, 10/30/2017 - 22:30

I pick the flower petals and let them fall on the floor. Only a few left, loves me, loves me not,. A single petel is left on the stem. Loves me. Now I can happily go on with the rest of my day. I don't know who's love the flower is telling me about but it makes happy anyway. So tomorrow is Halloween and I so badly wanted to be a rubber blow up dolls but I have no idea on where to get a costume like that. Or if I was a little more creative, I would've made a brick wall or wooden fence that had a piece knocked out of it and I could've been a glory holes. Damn it why didn't I think of that before? Maybe next year. Or who knows maybe I'll just wear that on some random day of the year. Who says that I can only wear a costume one day of the year? Oh I just got a message. I gotta go my friend is waiting on me. I'll finish this later.

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