Quick fix

BRAT | 17 Jan 2022 - 04:54
Quick fix

When you knock on my door, what are you expecting to see, a fully clothed 0oiwoman or a woman dressed for a classy, upscale date, maybe its a woman dressed in leather and ready to dominate you and make you do as she says with no questions asked, maybe its a naughty school girl wanting paddled. When you go to contact me First, state your name, how much time you would like and What time you would like to come and visit, YES all in the firsdt text, second, mention a color and the title of a song. I will then dress accordingly in my OPINION that best matches the song, that song will also be playing as you enter the hotel room. this is my way of helping you feel more relaxed, and also with the outfit and song you choose it should get you excited and ready to loose the distance between our bodies and let our bodies bump and grind. Video verification is required, however I can be a Fairly reasonable person except when it comes to my prices ;) I provide the condom, No Kissing on the mouth at all, and of course the no anal thing, Remember cum ON me NOT IN  me.

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disABLEd?  all are welcome!
12 Sep 2018
disABLEd? all are welcome!

Abled or differently abled, people are sexual creatures with intimacy needs. What makes us physical different doesn't change that human need.

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