Online Payments – A solution for Entertainers

Admin | 28 Jul 2018 - 03:50
Online Payments – A solution for Entertainers


Online Payments – A solution for Entertainers looking for better alternatives to using Bitcoin and their Bank Cards


While the sex industry may be the world’s oldest profession, the internet has done well to disrupt it.

When PayPal opened its virtual doors in 2001, some of its first customers were those working in the sex industry. But now, any adult website with a recognizable “Pay Now” button is at high risk of having its accounts closed and assets frozen. PayPal is notoriously opposed to the sex industry. Many people have had their accounts disabled because PayPal found out about their business.

As an alternative, prepaid MasterCard and Visa Gift Cards were becoming more popular. But with all the new laws coming in, most adult sites are now hosted on offshore servers, using offshore payment processing, and some prepaid cards like the Vanilla Visa can’t be used outside of the US.

As sex workers struggle to adapt to the realities of a significantly less open internet, it’s the very population that FOSTA purported to protect that’s most likely to lose access to the resources that were keeping them safe.

Sex workers already have trouble finding financial institutions that will accept their money. Banks are often reluctant to discuss their decisions to close accounts and aren’t legally required to explain them. JPMorgan Chase already closed the bank accounts of several Adult Entertainers without telling them why.

Because of the complex laws governing the industry, credit card issuers would often rather play it safe than risk getting in trouble. American Express, for example, doesn't want anything to do with it. It prohibits cardholders from purchasing adult entertainment online.

Visa doesn't block adult purchases, but says individual banks can decide to deny these transactions if they deem them to be too risky.

Some card issuing banks place an auto decline on transactions that take place outside the country as a safeguard.

The bank sees the merchant ID at transactions (not the name, or the website) and based on that they automatically know that it is a high-risk merchant category (every adult advertising website) and that’s why there are so many declined transactions lately, many times the banks fraud protection just blocks the transaction automatically. Sometimes they call you right away, or if not, you need to call them to authorize the payment. You can tell them that it is an EU based Media website.

For USA issuing banks making transactions in Europe is already one level of risk. You have no idea how behind US is in regards to card processing in comparison to Europe. They have zero understanding about anything but US market which they treat as one. For them anything outside is bad. If you add something prone related then its DEFCON 1.

It’s US traffic going to EU website with high risk status. That can make certain, more panic prompt banks, to react more crazy than normally.

Luckily not all banks are like that and hopefully we will see some change soon.


A Better Alternative

If you are tired of  being rejected by your banks, or having your card turned down for advertising outside the United States, or tired of bitcoin and its high fees, we may have a better solution.

We have found a bank that has a real routing number and account number hooked to a Debit Visa Card that you can load cash onto it up to $500.00 a day.

Also, when you have this account you are only charged $5.00 a month service fees to keep the account open.

When you go to place ads you can use this card for purchases outside of the United States. If you have VPN software on your phone or computer, please turn it OFF so that your card will not  flag the purchase as fraud.

It’s simple to use. It’s through a bonded and insured check cashing store, and it only take 15 minutes to set the whole process up to get you going.
At this point with all the new laws coming in it would be best to stay away from Chase, Wells Fargo, and especially Bank of America. They are freaking out and do not want to let you use your card or account for anything in places like Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Amsterdam and many more....

If you need further information, once you have registered an account here, please contact administration at through your registered email.


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Wow! It's thoughtful of y'all to inform escorts about this payment alternative. I'm definitely interested. Also, USA escorts can make prepaid virtual cards to mask/cover-up transactions from adult entertainment websites. Entropay and are great options. You'll have to link your bank account, and then you can create prepaid virtual cards with pseudonyms and such. has been helpful for me so far! xx
Hello Phoenixx, Thanks for tagging us in you blog post It's a great tutorial on how to use
Thank you! No problem for tagging y'all ❤️
TD bank has a connect card , load $$ right on to it