Just another day in Paradise!!

Submitted by _0 (not verified) on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 08:45

Welp, it's 5:31am and I am currently sitting here at home, texting a couple of prospective clients, trying to have a positive outlook for the day! I try to keep certain mantras going in my head throughout the day ala "the Secret" style like "I have plenty of money!" "There is a limitless amount of money to be made!" Etc. And you know, I think it does actually work! I have not been escorting for very long - maybe 2 years, I guess... Which actually isn't very long considering how old I am. I live in the Salt Lake City area and despite the area being predominantly Mormon, I actually stay as busy as I want to be. I know that with a tap-tap here, and a click-click there, thanks to the good 'ole trusty interweb my phone can be ringing in a matter of minutes! And usually I can get a date within an hour, from the time I initially post for that day. I do cruise the ads myself from time to time, just to check up on the competition- and my girlfriends, and I must admit that I was underwhelmed with the selection of Salt Lake City women, and their photography skills - which is actually the culprit for the less-than-dazzling displays of their otherwise acceptable assets. Photographs are a girl's absolute BEST FRIEND, or worst enemy. It's the first thing clients see when they visit your page, or your ad.

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