How Can Men Use Aromatherapy at Home?

London Companion | 20 Aug 2017 - 03:29
How Can Men Use Aromatherapy at Home?

Are you one of many men who live alone? These ways how men can use aromatherapy at home will certainly make your life healthier and more pleasant whether you live alone or with others:


Stop the food recycling container from bad smell and insects

Thoroughly wash and dry the food recycling container. Line it with two or three dry paper towels. Drip 25 drops of peppermint oil on a flat cosmetic cotton wool pad. Place the pad on the paper towels. Line the container with the usual liner. If you can, store the container in a dedicated cupboard. If you store the container in a cupboard, leave the container open. That will dry the remnants of food and also significantly help to prevent insects from going into it. Change the cotton wool pad every time you change the liner. 

The next time your nose bleeds, 

soak a cotton wool bud or a piece of cotton wool in lemon juice [or neat essential oil of lemon if at hand] and insert it as far up your nostril as you can. Keep it there for 3 minutes while reclining your head. When you remove it, the bleeding will have stopped.

Smelly shoes? 

Drip a few drops of any essential oil on a piece of cotton wool and insert it into each shoe. This will take the odor away and certainly make the shoes – and even their storage space – smell beautifully!

If the fridge is beginning to smell badly,

thoroughly wash it with your traditional cleaner in your usual way. Then prepare a final rinse of water containing a few drops of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, or orange essential oil to leave a fresh clean scent. Never add too much oil into the water – 3 drops to half a bucket of water are plenty. Add a splash of washing-up liquid to help the essential oils disperse properly and wipe the surfaces.

Citruses are the best cleaning agents.

This is why lemon is the most frequently used agent in commercial cleaning products. If you don’t have any of the essential oils listed in the paragraph above this one, you can also clean any surface in your home with the juice of real lemon fruit. The effects will be just as pleasant and effective.

You can beautifully repel insects

by using certain essential oils. The fifth paragraph of this article lists the right oils for the job.

But men don’t usually have aromatherapy at home.

If you don’t have any essential oils at home, you can buy them in pharmacies, health or drug stores, and of course online.

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