Help a newbie out why don't you!

Baby Jay | 05 Jan 2020 - 01:15
Help a newbie out why don't you!

Ever felt like the new person at school, a  job, maybe a get together you've been invited to? The feeling that maybe no one wants to or even notices you. That feeling of being unwanted. 

Well it's a social enzity that is within each and every one of us. Though some over come and step outta there comfort zone others wait in the corner. Hoping that someone anyone really would draw email out. And once the shy quite individual opens up, they'er usaly a great time often one the beat times. 

Without the help of others they wouldn't have ever stepped into the light and blossomed to be that amazing time. 

Moral of the story . sometimes ppl are unaware how, new to, taking first steps into a new unfamiliar world. Seemingly shy or without knowledge it's not the case more that none. They just need a little lift, lil push for say. Help get them to open up and see the laughter, joy, pleasure that they have in store.

Help people come out of there shell. Invite them to join ya, help oercome that anzity holding back there full potential for something amazing.

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