Gentlemen, See Courtesans for Celebration, Not Out of Desperation

London Companion | 29 Jun 2022 - 03:37
Gentlemen, See Courtesans for Celebration, Not Out of Desperation

Men who see courtesans usually expect to be intimate with them. Yet why do 99% of men call for intimacy when they have broken up with partners, are frustrated, despondent, or angry with a circumstance?

Intimacy should come from celebration, not despondency, desperation, frustration, or even anger with something or someone. Intimacy should be the most beautiful way in which a man and a woman connect. But 99% of men who call for a courtesan ironically do so not for celebration, but out of loneliness, emptiness, despondency, emotional pain, desperation, or frustration.

Why is this bad?
Because intimacy is good only when people are happy. When you’re despondent, angry, frustrated, or desperate, you’ll bring that energy into the intimacy. Your intimate partner will respond to that energy and you’ll respond to her response… Do you think that intimacy born from bad energy will be good? Exactly the point!

So why do so many men not see this obvious fact?
Because nobody brings this “obvious” fact into their attention. Women who sell sex sell it for money. Money rules their worlds – or the worlds of their traffickers, and the women therefore take whoever comes their way for a buck. They don’t care about you, what you want, how you want to feel on and after a date with them… You’re not a human being with feelings to them. You’re a cash dispenser on legs. So they’ll tell you what you want to hear and hook you to go to them.

But intimacy should be a celebration
…instead of a commercial act in artificial circumstances. Gentlemen, think about it this way: if you have a wife or life partner, you enjoy intimacy with her only when you both are in good mood, calm, and happy. And if you don’t have a life partner but have been on dates, you’ll remember the dates on which you had a good time and if intimacy happened, it was good. If someone asked you to tell them about the best intimate experience in your life, you’d tell them about a memory when you were happy with the lady with whom you shared the happy experience. And that is, again, exactly the point!

Another way to think about why to see courtesans for celebration
…is that it’s exactly the same with massage. When you go for a massage in a hurry, rush, or with trepidation of whether you can trust the masseuse, you won’t relax and derive the benefits. When you look forward to the massage because you know it’ll be great, you’ll relax and derive the benefits. The massage will be a time when you can let go of all problems, relax, go into a light trance, or even fall asleep. And when you send the energy that you trust the masseuse, she’ll pick the energy up and give you even more back. When massage is a celebration, it really is a treat for every man to look forward to. And it really is better than artificial sex with strangers. The man realizes its value, benefits, and feel-good factor. And thus he’s happy to pay for it. He sees the money as well spent.

But what of a man who calls courtesans when he’s angry with something, frustrated, or worse still, drunk or drugged? Does he really think that he will enjoy intimacy? Every action has at least one consequence. So if that’s the case, what energy does such a man set for the act of intimacy? How does he expect the woman to respond? If the woman is motivated only by money, she doesn’t care and the act of intimacy will be mechanical and soulless anyway. In that case what’s the point in paying for something that such unhappy man will only go through the motions – if he even remembers the next day that he did so?

See courtesans for celebration, get coaching for desperation
If you’ve so far always called courtesans, escorts, callgirl, hooker, or an adult entertainer for intimacy out of desperation or for another negative reason, try the opposite approach. Then you’ll honour the point of paying for what you don’t get every day.

If you use the right tool for a job, you’ll do the job well. See courtesans for celebration of life, beauty, human connection, and intimacy if that’s what you want. Get coaching for frustrations, dealing with breakups, despondency, desperation, and anger. I can do either. Which one do you want?

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