Few Tips For Escorts To Keep Regular Clients

Admin | 23 Jan 2017 - 00:49
Few Tips For Escorts To Keep Regular Clients

Every business needs loyal and regular clients for it to grow and prosper. Since being an escort is a business, keeping regular clients is very important and can be the major difference between you and other competing escorts out there. When you have a number of high quality regular clients you know you can always count on them to come through especially during the low turn out months when you need to meet your financial goals. However, getting and keeping regular clients is not an easy task. You need to constantly provide a high quality service that leaves them wanting more every time. Here are a few tips on how you can develop and keep regular clients as an escort:

High class behavior

No one wants to come back and spend their money on an ill behaved person. The first thing you should know about the escort business is that your behavior matters. The way you talk to clients, the way you handle them before, during and after the service counts as much as the service you are giving. Clients will always come back if they feel like they were treated in an excellent manner and a big part of that treatment comes from behavior. There is no need to tell you this, but being rude and unprofessionalism losses you clients.

Establish a connection with the client

One fool proof way of keeping regular clients is to establish a unique connection with each of your clients. As you may already know, all clients are different and they are into different services. Always make it a point to find out something special about your client and build on that. It could be the way they like being spoken to in bed or a certain position that gets them going. Just try to find that something unique for each client, once you make that connection they will keep coming because of the way they feel towards you.

Enjoy giving the service


Providing escort services does not mean you should not enjoy the services that you are giving. In the entertainment business, your clients draw from your energy. If you are having a good time they too will feel that energy and have a good time. There is no client that wants to keep going back to an escort who is always looking uninterested during the time spent together. Remember, your clients come to you to feel certain feelings, if they can not feel that way then they will find another escort who will make them feel that way. The key to satisfying your clients is to enjoy the time you spend with them and be satisfied with the service that you give them.

Remember the basics

It is easy to get carried away and become too comfortable with a repeat client. When this happens you can easily forget the basics that made you land that client in the first place and fall in to bad habits. Things like being on time for an appointment, practicing excellent personal hygiene and keeping up with your client’s needs are very important if you want to keep those regular clients coming. Once in a while you can throw in some surprises like asking them to pick an outfit they want you to wear and other fun activities like that.

Be kind but remain strong

Kindness will keep your clients coming back for more, but be wary of those clients who look to take advantage of your kindness. Being kind does not mean you have to give in to all client’s demands, you can reject some of their proposal in a nice polite way. They wont hate you for it and they will come back again as usual.

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Hello! I realize this blog has been posted for awhile, but I would suggest that prospective clients review this information and then reverse it to see what they can do so that the escort would like to have them as a regular client! This is a unique relationship and it is by no means a one way street! I think most of us are looking for some kind of connection or this wouldn’t be any different than buying a TV. It means the world to me when I am welcomed back by a lady because I know that I have treated her with respect and kindness. Thanks for allowing me to share!