Fashion and the Fetishist

Submitted by Domina M on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 08:32

Kink and BDSM wrap themselves so closely with fashion at times they are inseparable. Think of fetish and a tantalizing array of images, smells and textures of clothing come to mind:, leather, latex, Betty Page style lingerie, fully fashioned stockings, open toed shoes, boots reaching oh so high up the thigh, things that go peek-a-boo, and things that hide so many beautiful secrets. These styles are all over the place, but much more often than not all of them include the element of the stiletto heel.  I actuality it is a simple, thin pole, but in fetish one can find so much elegance and complexity in the delicate angles and curvature. Something so unnatural, yet primally exciting to see an elegant woman, so in control of her body and self that she can deftly move about tottering 4, 5, 6, 7 inches above her natural height and with only the use of a fraction of ground coverage.

I have long known the power of the stiletto and when I wear them they function as an extension of myself.  Of course for the fetishist, it is easy, but there are cases I can often conduct an entire session with the stiletto as my only tool.  The light teasing scrape over exposed body parts to heavy grinding into sensitive nipples and genitals.  Fetishists aside, no hard core masochist is going to complain about the view of elegant shoes at the end of my long, shapely legs torturing them.  In fact, I am quite proud of the fact I have turned non-foot-fetishists into fetishist for MY feet.

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