The Do’s and Dont's of Hiring a Travel Escort

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Imagine this. You’re at a luxury restaurant in a far-flung exotic city like Dubai and you spot a pair of foreign men obviously conducting business over their very expensive and perfectly prepared meal. However, they’re not alone. Seated next to them is a pair of young and impossibly beautiful women dressed impeccably for the occasion.

Wives? Unlikely.

Girlfriends? Perhaps.

International travel escorts? Almost certainly.

There is a world of high-class escorts whose sole job is to jet around the world to meet their clients and function in whatever role they’re assigned. In some cases it’s simply as a companion, someone to be present with the gentleman while he attends formal functions related to his business. In other cases a single man may simply want to take an extravagant vacation and doesn’t want to do so by himself.

This is where the international travel escort comes in. She’s ready at a moment’s notice, she knows exactly where her passport is, and may even have a bag packed for last-minute assignments. In short, she knows her job and she knows it well.

So if you’ve ever considered hiring an escort to travel with you these are a few things you should know before you go.

Work With a Reputable Agency

Advertisements for escorts appear in certain magazines and newspapers around the world but for a business relationship of this type you definitely want to work with an established escort agency that offers travel escorts and is very experienced in the nuances of this aspect of the business, like the best escort agency in London.

They’ll ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of your needs while on the trip, they can help work out any visas or other travel documentation, and help match you with the right escort. It takes a great deal of the work off your plate.

Choose Your Travel Companion With Care

When it comes time to choose the woman who will accompany you on your trip do so with an open mind and attention to detail. It’s best to arrange a Skype interview if you’re unable to meet them in-person before the trip. Ask questions, answer questions, and be sure that this is the woman who will represent you, in a way, during a business trip.

Most travel escorts are very well educated and most speak two or more languages. For instance, if you’re traveling to Moscow for business, an Eastern European escort can also act as a translator if you don’t speak Russian.

Outline Her Role Carefully

For your peace of mind and hers, it’s important to outline exactly what you expect of your travel escort and when and where she needs to be present. Be sure to explain where certain events will take place and what the dress code will be. Discuss whether she’ll have free time or not. Decide if she’ll receive a daily stipend in addition to her rate.

Just like any other business relationship it’s important that both of you understand clearly what is expected and what is not. And always leave the communication channels open. If your expectations are not being met be sure to talk about it. Also, if something serious comes up, be sure and call the agency at once.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hiring a travel escort is not inexpensive. Most agencies require that you pay for the escort’s flight, any required visas, and their fee for sending an escort abroad. Some agencies may require that the escort receives a per diem, some may not. But you can be assured that the agency is not only vetting their escorts to see who will be the best match for you but they’re also vetting you to ensure that they make a good match.

So, while the actual cost may vary from agency to agency, remember that you get what you pay for and now is not the time to be cheap.

More and more businessmen are looking to international escorts as the best way to travel with a beautiful companion with no strings attached. A beautiful, intelligent woman on a man’s arm has helped to seal more than one business deal and always makes the trip more enjoyable.

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