Dangers of Men's Unrealistic Expectations About Companions, Escorts, etc.

London Companion | 22 Dec 2021 - 08:00
Dangers of Men's Unrealistic Expectations About Companions, Escorts, etc.

One of the prevalent reasons why I send nine out of ten men who approach me elsewhere is that I quickly discover that our union would highly likely end in a disaster because of their unrealistic expectations. Here I list the most common unrealistic expectations that I’ve come across. I do it so that if you have them you can work them out before hiring your next companion or “escort”. [Yes, in today’s world these two words certainly have a different meaning. Hence escort is in inverted commas.]. 

The 3 most common unrealistic expectations are:
1. Companion, partner, or wife?
If you’re looking for a partner or wife, don’t surf sites of companions or “escorts”. Albeit a life partnership with a companion or woman in other roles can develop in one in a million cases, it’s not realistic to expect that it will happen to you. Plus you’ll be wasting time, because you’ll be looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. If you go into a relationship with a companion with the mindset of looking for a partner / wife, your mindset and outlook will be incompatible from the start. And that will bring bad vibes between you and the woman you approach. 99% of companions are in it for the money and you need to be realistic about that. Taking a second perspective may help. If you sold your time or body, would you welcome someone approaching you with the mindset of getting it for nothing?

2. I can’t afford a whole night…
So you’d normally see her for a few hours and tell her how much you’d like to spend a night with her. But you can’t afford the whole night? You’ll do better if you keep that fact to yourself. 1. it cheapens your image. Claiming poverty sounds unbelievable from a man who has money for seeing companions. 2. You’re making yourself sound unrealistic right away. Actions speak louder than words. And people are consistent in their actions. If you normally see her for a few hours, the likelihood that you’ll see her for a night is low. You’re not that extreme! So say what you mean. And say things that are realistic if you don’t want to sound ridiculous and erode the dynamic in your relationship with her.

3. I want someone nice, but can’t really afford you…
Realize that if you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys – you won’t get nice for next to nothing. Cheap is cheap for good reasons. Good isn’t cheap. Also bear in mind that even if you can afford higher fees, there’s equally no guarantee that women who charge them will be nice. The world doesn’t work that way. Your best bet is to do your research, apply your intuition, and evaluate whether stretching to x more money will be a welcome investment if your intuition tells you that the owner of the website captures your interest.

The saddest thing about unrealistic expectations
usually is that if men have them in one area of life, they’ll also have them in other areas of life. As I said above, people are consistent in their actions. But there is always a solution – if we care to find it. Getting some good coaching is one. And it will also help you in many other areas of life. Hence I’ll be happy to help – without stigma and embarrassment for you if you decide to get it!

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