How I Became Dominant

Mistress Elise | 12 Aug 2018 - 16:32
How I Became Dominant

Many years ago I was introduced into BDSM via a cuckold relationship through a dating app that will remain unnamed. I initially communicated with the gentleman and he told me about a relationship that I dreamed of having but never thought existed. A relationship where I had sexual freedom and where he was devoted to me. That was the relationship at it's core.

We met eventually and got along very well. All he asked of me was to tell him of my sexual adventures. I could do so with words, pictures or with video. This turned him on. When we had encounters with others, he would stand and watch while I would be pleased by men and their girlfriends. Only when I said the word, would we enjoy each other's company.

We progressed further into our relationship but sadly it ended due to his work life. We still remain friends to this day. He's a lovely man from the South, similar to me and I thank him for what he gave me.

But since being introduced into this new world, I couldn't turn back. I met people from both sides (dominant and submissive). I even played with a polyamory dominant individual who proved to me that submission is not something I adhere to. But doing so, gave me a perspective that I wouldn't otherwise have. I now have the ability to empathize with my submissives which I feel is a much needed trait in Dommes as domination is not devoid of humility.

Every person I meet has shaped who I've become as a Domme and those I will meet in the future will continue to shape my ever-evolving nature. To those I have met, Salut!

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