Did you know ?

Mona Moore | 07 Nov 2018 - 21:19
Did you know ?

Did you know that I don't want to know...

- who you know
- how much money you make
- which planets influence you
- if you have studied, where or with whom
- if the story you will tell me is true
- or how & why you ended up here...

I just want...

- to know your desires
- whether you have enough courage to imagine
  the realization of your most intimate fantasies...
- if you are able to capture the beauty of a woman, even when everything is not that perfect !
- if you can let the pleasure you might experience happen without resorting to shyness
- if you can be alone with yourself
- if you can get up in the morning after a sleepless night of despair or carnal pleasure and,    despite your weariness, still be charming to people !
- if the betrayals of life made you open up or...
- if the fear of emotional pain has shut you down
- if you have touched the essence of your own sorrow
- if you can still make a fool of yourself in the name of love, a dream, or the great adventure that life is...

I especially want to know...

- if you can really appreciate the person who keeps you company in your moments
  of secret abandon...

Mona Moore xxx

Longueuil Qc


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