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I am a very pretty 49 year old lady. I got a booking for a guy to show up for an hour today. I always have candle light( and some lights) and wine and wear sexy lingerie as many clients I see ask for this. So this guy walks in and starts yelling at me that I am about 70 years old and have something to hide thats why I had candle light to hide in and wine to get him drunk to take all his money. He seemed a little unbalanced. Most of my pictures on my website are selfies and also ones my clients have taken for me that show my full body in lingerie. so no way he could mistake I was anything but what he saw on my website. I look 45 . All my clients say so and love my looks. This guys usually sees young ladys so probably isnt experienced with mature ladys. But he wouldan't shut up and he started to yell. He threatned to ruin me. I told him to shut up and get out . He said no because I am doing him for free.I pulled out a miotron which works like a taser and turned it on. He then ran out my door. But later I got a barrage of texts. But I noticed when he ran out my door he threw 60.00 at me. What a werido. Hes about 54 years old short and dumpy and lives in
emeryville ca. usa
rick green