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THINKS he's more clever than me! Just sends another text after a few months, and then again from Nov 2017 originally. Back in 2017- his text: " hmmmm around all day tomorrow- like the thought of boots and glass toys." My response; " My website address." Next text; "you must have forgot me " {yeah right} I write back; "Would be delighted, once you go through my Website and complete the secured contact form so i can screen and verify who you are." EVERY time i respond- same fucking message. Doesnt know that i have all of his thread text messages to me; Waste of time individual. Then yesterday~ "Wondering if you're still around. back in 4 weeks, would love to get to reconnect" {???!!!} and yet he still will not 'share his info of with me so that i can "remember him" Whatever. Idiot.
Boston- surrounding
Charles (but who really knows)
781-718-7575 - burner phone
unknown! never had it