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First, mother fucker's reasoning for not having verification: "I'm having trouble locating a website for Vanessa Bella, a latina porn star who has been around for decades. I can usually find her in Miami through but am not having success. She travels to new York and Boston.There's not much publicly available on the web about me. I keep a very low profile.** Then, of course he said he would meet me for coffee & talk FIRST before our date ~ sure.. and I let him know to have my donation upon our first introduction and your driver's license- he agreed. hmm. His other communication: ", am unfamiliar with Venmo, getting lots of warnings about unsecured connections, and generally am not really savvy about electronic payments.What to do? How about this? We meet somewhere for coffee and puzzle out how to do this with cash or an in-person reservation at a spot of your choosing. Or, even simpler, give me the phone number of the place you want to reserve and I'll make all the arrangements and meet you there? Time at your discretion"**** Well, day of, this afternoon- arrived at hotel and NOOO Pilot/servant/humble Peter.. Wow.. I'm shocked. Didnt waste anymore time and took off home. Emailed the douche to let him know it would be in his best interest to send me my cancellation gift, and that what goes around, comes back around- Karma's a bitch. " Now blocked his email. done.
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Pilot Peter" Humble Servant Peter" Peter
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