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seen the guy once 2 yrs ago and he shorted me on donation .. then called me today last min so i decided to give a second chance .. i accepted the call he was here in less than 1/2 hr and smelled like he hadnt showered in weeks so i asked him to jump in the shower he diclined ... wanted to immediately set timer on his phone for session (he claims so he gets his $$ worth ) and demanded bb everything when i told him i do not do that he tried to tell me that 2 yrs ago i did it .. (NOT!! i would never compromise my health and safety of my health for anyone (my rev's on other boards clearly state this ) ...then tried to haggle me on donation when i asked for it to be placed ot in sight out to be seen before session .. wanted unsafe activities like bbbj cim bbfs etc and tried to tell me that all of these activities are gfe .. after arguing with him for 15 mins i kindly asked him to leave, he insisted on getting loud with me, arguing with me further, trying to get me to do what he wanted me to do outside of my comfort zone, thats when i headed towards the bedroom door to escort him out and he stood in front of me blocking me from getting to the door telling me that i was going to service hm the way he wanted to be serviced. thats when i called for my restricted breed dogs that are in my apt who were roaming around, when he heard the dogs of the other side of the door thats when he decided to be a little more nicer cause he knew he wasnt getting out the door, without me holding the dogs back!!! he was a problem short paying client 2 yrs ago and is a even more problem client now .. dont even waste your time ladies he will give you a problem with every aspect of the get together ... he has also shown up unannounced on one occasion, drunk demanding service ...
hudson valley ny